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This queue is for tickets about the Perl-MinimumVersion CPAN distribution.




ID Subject Status Severity Last Updated Broken in Fixed in
107878 perlver generated result not format correctly new Normal 10 months ago 1.38
106476 detection of character classes new 1 years ago
102627 check for new Config interfaces new 1 years ago
87883 feature request: a mechanism to exempt snippets of code from a check open Wishlist 1 years ago
102418 Not detecting package BLOCK syntax new 1 years ago
101043 Not detecting XS functions added in recent releases new 2 years ago 1.38
87884 'use mro' should not trigger a 5.10 dependency if MRO::Compat is also in use new Normal 2 years ago
88862 request: remove dependency on Perl::Critic open 2 years ago
96163 5.14.0 feature: -C<x> in shebang lines new 2 years ago
95528 t/25_scheduled_blocks.t failing on old perls open 2 years ago
94591 perlver returns different results than ->minimum_version new 2 years ago 1.32
94590 minimum_explicit_version fails new 2 years ago 1.32
94589 *_reason subs are not documented new 2 years ago
89180 add rules for all non-dual-life modules that are specified with a minimum version stalled Wishlist 3 years ago
51256 Magic Error number check reports falsely on non-read $^E and $! open Normal 3 years ago
88398 minimum_syntax_reason, minimum_external_reason are not documented new 3 years ago
87224 lexical filehandles are not recognized as 5.6 new 3 years ago
86449 unicode symbols are not detected as a 5.16.0 dependency new 3 years ago
35902 [PATCH] dual-life and compat modules have changed the situation open Wishlist 3 years ago 0.15
28916 Additional syntax checks (code included) open Wishlist 3 years ago
84288 Incorrect bump to 5.8 for syntax *fully* working on 5.6 new 3 years ago
72250 Analyse escapes in regexps (reference escape list included) patched Wishlist 4 years ago
67304 utf8 pragma causes syntax version 5.8.0, but utf8 was added in 5.6 stalled 4 years ago
72033 A package declaring a 3-part version should infer >=5.010 new Normal 5 years ago 1.28
17487 RFE: verbose description of items found open Wishlist 5 years ago
55576 Add detection for my $x->{a} = $a; syntax added in 5.10.0 stalled Wishlist 6 years ago
36716 misinterpreted $^V stalled Normal 6 years ago 0.15

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