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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
133245 perlver does not detectpostderef syntax open 2 months ago
106476 detection of character classes open 7 months ago
96163 5.14.0 feature: -C<x> in shebang lines open 8 months ago
88862 request: remove dependency on Perl::Critic patched 8 months ago
101043 Not detecting XS functions added in recent releases open 3 years ago 1.38
123979 Detect s?printf %b usage new 3 years ago 1.38
123665 Should ignore XS files new 4 years ago
120578 Accidentally finding Perl Versions in XML.... open 4 years ago
118036 should return numeric versions, not vstrings new 5 years ago
107878 perlver generated result not format correctly new Normal 6 years ago 1.38
102627 check for new Config interfaces new 6 years ago
87883 feature request: a mechanism to exempt snippets of code from a check open Wishlist 6 years ago
102418 Not detecting package BLOCK syntax new 6 years ago
87884 'use mro' should not trigger a 5.10 dependency if MRO::Compat is also in use new Normal 7 years ago
95528 t/25_scheduled_blocks.t failing on old perls open 7 years ago
94591 perlver returns different results than ->minimum_version new 7 years ago 1.32
94590 minimum_explicit_version fails new 7 years ago 1.32
94589 *_reason subs are not documented new 7 years ago
89180 add rules for all non-dual-life modules that are specified with a minimum version stalled Wishlist 7 years ago
51256 Magic Error number check reports falsely on non-read $^E and $! open Normal 8 years ago
88398 minimum_syntax_reason, minimum_external_reason are not documented new 8 years ago
87224 lexical filehandles are not recognized as 5.6 new 8 years ago
86449 unicode symbols are not detected as a 5.16.0 dependency new 8 years ago
35902 [PATCH] dual-life and compat modules have changed the situation open Wishlist 8 years ago 0.15
28916 Additional syntax checks (code included) open Wishlist 8 years ago
84288 Incorrect bump to 5.8 for syntax *fully* working on 5.6 new 8 years ago
72250 Analyse escapes in regexps (reference escape list included) patched Wishlist 9 years ago
67304 utf8 pragma causes syntax version 5.8.0, but utf8 was added in 5.6 stalled 9 years ago
72033 A package declaring a 3-part version should infer >=5.010 new Normal 10 years ago 1.28
17487 RFE: verbose description of items found open Wishlist 10 years ago
55576 Add detection for my $x->{a} = $a; syntax added in 5.10.0 stalled Wishlist 11 years ago
36716 misinterpreted $^V stalled Normal 11 years ago 0.15

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