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This queue is for tickets about the Perl-Dist-Strawberry CPAN distribution.




ID Subject Status Severity Last Updated Broken in Fixed in
94531 security: OpenSSL heartbleed bug open Critical 11 days ago
94138 Memory leak in backticks and system open 12 days ago
94150 Low - Windows - no tar open 12 days ago
94143 Openssl file missing open 3 weeks ago
94137 Memory leak in backticks and system new 4 weeks ago
93659 Bizarre copy of ARRAY in list assignment at C:\strawberry\perl\lib/ line 228 open 4 weeks ago
86671 Win32::Process::Kill crashes in 5.16 open 6 weeks ago
93511 Permission denied error new 7 weeks ago
93102 Can't install Strawberry Perl on Drive D instead of Drive C open 8 weeks ago
91614 README.txt suggestion open 2 months ago
92097 SEGV in msiexec.exe installing strawberry-perl- open 2 months ago
92153 Extraneous file in build? open 2 months ago
92214 Installing on windows 8 open 2 months ago
92340 crash on SIGINT(2) open 2 months ago
58079 Can't find libmysql_.dll when loading DBD::mysql open 2 months ago
83290 Installing with a custom path fails open Unimportant 5 months ago
84600 Socket::inet_pton() not implemented open 6 months ago
89593 F-Secure detects Gen:Variant.Graftor.62242 new 6 months ago
88984 strawberry perl for windows installer using user profile for some items rather than global profile open 7 months ago
88711 Is it really version open 7 months ago
87586 Installer fails when C drive not present open 8 months ago
87251 Issue with CPAN after upgrade open 9 months ago
84875 cpan shebang incompatible with Git Bash open 12 months ago
83967 v5.6.3.1 apparently breaks Net::LDAP open 1 years ago
83721 Mangling PATH environment variable containing quotes. open 1 years ago
83608 Including PAR:Packer 1.014 in Strawberry-Perl open Wishlist 1 years ago
82837 Scripts (such as Cpan and Perldoc) don't work from MSys Bash open 1 years ago
83339 Upgrade PPM of DBIx::Class open 1 years ago
80011 But Report: SP 5.16 and Net::SSH2 scp_get open 2 years ago
58512 Suggestion - including mod_perl in strawberry release open 2 years ago
77324 Cairo open Wishlist 2 years ago 3.002
49388 Strawberry in directory with spaces in its name stalled 2 years ago
66737 Library include order for gcc open Important 2 years ago 2.50
75932 pexports.exe 0.43 crashes on some DLLs under 64-bit Windows open Important 2 years ago
50323 MSI installer - is <Condition ...>Privileged</Condition> necessary? (installation without admin privs) open 2 years ago
54729 Prefer (and include) YAML::XS in April 2010. open Wishlist 2 years ago
63958 XML:LibXSLT needs small fix work with PAR::Packer open Important 2 years ago
54285 IO::select blocks a socket in multithreaded server application open Important 2 years ago
52149 can't install if c:\strawberry exists open Normal 2 years ago 2.01
67368 perlbug sending mail doesn't work open 2 years ago
68175 XML::Parser::Expat is not loading it's DLL open Normal 2 years ago
68692 Problem in ExtUtils::MakeMaker, dmake & libs in paths with brackets () new Important 3 years ago
55336 [TRACKING] The bitness of the why - 64-bit XS module support tracking. open 4 years ago
58545 Strawberry needs a post-build QA test process open 4 years ago
56674 inconsistent #! for programs new Normal 4 years ago
54813 Help out Apache when installing Strawberry (maybe option?) open Wishlist 4 years ago
52936 Missing perl core module I18N::Langinfo stalled 4 years ago
50033 ppm broken in strawberry-perl- stalled Important 5 years ago 2.00
49485 [Tracking] JSAN-Included strawberry open Wishlist 5 years ago
48796 DBD::Oracle support stalled 5 years ago

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