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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
43315 Subroutines::ProhibitCallsToUndeclaredSubs with version numbers in import spec new 6 years ago
97363 Subroutines::ProhibitCallsToUndeclaredSubs thinks 0xA0 is calling the sub 'A0' open 7 years ago 0.03
93007 Subroutines::ProhibitCallsToUnexportedSubs complains about fully qualified XS subs new 7 years ago 0.03
91855 Subroutines::ProhibitCallsToUndeclaredSubs - please consider Sub::Exporter style { -as => alias } syntax new 7 years ago 0.03
58010 problem with RequireExplicitInclusion and "use base" and "use parent" open Important 8 years ago
  • 0.01
  • 0.02
  • 0.03
88133 use utf8 new Normal 8 years ago 0.03
85855 Documentation error on Subroutines::ProhibitCallsToUndeclaredSubs, CONFIGURATION section. new 8 years ago
82121 RequireExplicitInclusion: false positive according to the policy's docs open Normal 8 years ago 0.03
81714 Perl::Critic::Policy::Modules::RequireExplicitInclusion false positive with use_ok() new Normal 8 years ago 0.03
67907 functions_that_take_filehandles() also binmode new 10 years ago
36896 ProhibitCallsToUndeclaredSubs example typo patched 11 years ago
58117 add exempt_subs to new Important 11 years ago
48406 ProhibitCallsToUndeclaredSubs vs defined &foo new 12 years ago
46972 ProhibitCallsToUndeclaredSubs suggest exempt_patterns too new 12 years ago
36894 RequireExplicitInclusion and module components open 12 years ago
42486 Problems with Readonly new Normal 12 years ago
36784 ProhibitCallsToUndeclaredSubs versus print new 13 years ago
36782 warning from RequireExplicitInclusion on Glib subclass new 13 years ago

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