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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
90209 subsumes() does not understand . new 7 years ago
77259 Operation "eq": no method found when debugging open Important 8 years ago 0.25
84701 starting separator missing new 8 years ago
83880 [Path::Class:File] slurp() method does not close file handle prior returning open 8 years ago
83203 parent incorrect with trailing updir open Normal 8 years ago
81865 Path::Class tests fail on Win32 open Critical 8 years ago 0.27
81490 [PATCH] Minor optimisation new 8 years ago
53066 It would be useful if next() skipped . and .. open 9 years ago
76493 dir(__FILE__)->parent->parent->parent->parent->parent open Wishlist 9 years ago 0.25
76024 Overloading for Path::Class::Dir new Wishlist 9 years ago
70011 ::Dir->recurse recurses indefinitely on recursive symlinks new 10 years ago 0.24
49721 $entity->as_native implementation open Wishlist 10 years ago 0.17
66551 Make breadth-first search in Path::Class::Dir::recurse more efficient open 10 years ago
65324 support for ~ new 10 years ago
64452 test methods new Wishlist 10 years ago
64451 absolute file/dir constructors new 10 years ago
64405 strip convenience function open 10 years ago
60077 dir_list not including volume (fails round trip) new Important 11 years ago 0.17
58088 [PATCH] add iolayers option to slurp open 11 years ago
57850 bug in remove new 11 years ago
57430 Intermittent bug related to line 25 in v0.18 of Path::Class::Dir new 11 years ago
55269 [Feature request] anti-slurp - write string to file with single method call open Wishlist 11 years ago
54578 ->parent should stop at root open Wishlist 11 years ago 0.18
53309 Option to autodie new Wishlist 11 years ago 0.18
31264 $dir->chdir() perhaps? open Wishlist 11 years ago 0.16
53035 basename() should return a Path::Class object open 11 years ago
43545 Add ->realpath method open Wishlist 11 years ago
43895 Test Fails in 03 as "undefined value as a symbol reference" new Critical 12 years ago 0.16
24794 test fails in t/20-foreign new Important 14 years ago 0.16
16613 Classic Mac absolute paths come out as relative in Unix open Normal 14 years ago 0.15
16056 RFE: shorter synonyms for absolute & relative files and dirs new Wishlist 15 years ago
12988 Fix some VMS issues in the tests open Normal 16 years ago

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