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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
133048 Documentation request for barcode functionality open Wishlist 19 hours ago
134780 Embedding SVG open 4 weeks ago
131657 pdfapi2 regression 0ab55cd53 [Testcase] open 7 weeks ago
132844 PDF::API2 corrupts certain PNMs when embedding them open 10 months ago 2.037
132403 Image rotation has a strange effect on its position open 12 months ago
114977 Losing internal links while splitting document open 1 year ago
130722 Crash during ->openpage open 1 year ago
130041 Warn that fonts are not embedded by default open 2 years ago
130038 Add example of placing an image on the page open 2 years ago
130040 Mention cannot make synthetic cjkfont new 2 years ago
128674 error "requested cmap '' not installed" with many CJK fonts open 2 years ago
113700 Khmer script incorrectly rendered open 2 years ago
57248 Cyrillic letters open Important 2 years ago 0.73
122393 cjk font problem open 2 years ago
125917 Issue with Annotation Link open 2 years ago
121912 Can't modify Outlines in existing document (+ maybe fixed) open 2 years ago 2.031
120048 The "synthetic fonts" feature is broken (and probably fixed...) open 2 years ago 2.031
118047 Adding 8bpp TIFF results in broken image open 2 years ago 2.028
117942 Add file attachment annotations open Normal 2 years ago 2.028
98541 bogen() handling edge cases open 2 years ago
98538 arc() sweep angle problem open 2 years ago
87859 Enhanced script open Important 2 years ago
84665 Update CCITT Group 4 compression support in TIFF decoder open Wishlist 2 years ago
44877 GIF not supporting all extension blocks open Important 2 years ago 0.73
41971 Bug#509706: libpdf-api2-perl: strange behavior of PDF::API2->outlines] open 2 years ago

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