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This queue is for tickets about the PAR-Packer CPAN distribution.




ID Subject Status Severity Last Updated Broken in Fixed in
133081 [cperl] panic: attempt to copy freed scalar ... to ... at <embedded>/Tie/Hash/ new 9 weeks ago
132811 Win32: Crash a week after start open 3 months ago
132802 Forgot to par_unsetenv('PAR_TMPDIR')? new 4 months ago
69848 pp created exe crash if useing parallel loops open 4 months ago
129312 Code signing for OSX open 7 months ago
132055 PodStrip filter corrupts __FILE__ in modules open 7 months ago
128186 Win10, Strawberry Perl 32bit, how to create exe to get https webpages new 2 years ago
127538 __DATA__ file handle not available when Filter(s) used open 2 years ago
102709 Unable to handle SIG interrupts open 5 years ago
102690 Error with packing Check.xs.dll open 6 years ago
100686 Window executable crashes when including Wx::Html in PAR::PACKER build open 6 years ago
94250 PAR::Packer on OS X and the Classic environment open 6 years ago
84949 procedure entry point __gxx_personality_sj0 could not be located in the dynamic link library libstdc++-6.dll open 7 years ago
84353 cpan install pp fails open 7 years ago
81556 fails when run in harness, but works correctly when called directly new Important 8 years ago 1.013
75193 [PATCH] Fix build on Win32/VC++ open Important 9 years ago 1.012
68892 perl-threads @ Linux => Segment fault open Important 9 years ago
67221 cant make (unknown error) open Important 9 years ago 1.009
67124 Unable to run pp binaries as login shell new Normal 9 years ago 1.009
62552 disabling taint mode (or: passing options from PERLRUN(1)) open Wishlist 10 years ago
35882 pp -P => Can't locate PAR/ open Normal 10 years ago 0.978
61346 Cannot add object files to PAR tree open Important 10 years ago 1.007
60697 Switch to pp pack only architecture-independent (pure-perl) code open Wishlist 10 years ago
60257 die messages not visible in pp generated binaries new Important 10 years ago
56946 pp -i clarification new Normal 10 years ago 1.004
26571 [PAR 0973] Create an exe including image::magick, Dll problem open 10 years ago
55390 Cannot package with GTK on Windows open Important 11 years ago 1.002
55389 Cannot package with GTK on Windows new 11 years ago
53329 Spelling errors in tkpp new Unimportant 11 years ago 1.002
39233 Suspected buffer overflow while running executable made by Par::Packer stalled 11 years ago
48770 $0 is not working when PAR is used open Wishlist 11 years ago
45074 pp -M should trump the core-module-rejection of -B (Was: PAR doesn't include Time::Local) open Normal 11 years ago
41866 Warning message for file sha1.c when doing a 'make' open Important 11 years ago
37690 PAR::StrippedPARL::Static->get_raw() did not return the raw binary data open Important 11 years ago
48150 Minor issue: Use of uninitialized value in length at PAR/ line 784 new 11 years ago
30181 Incompatibility with SVN on Win32 open Normal 11 years ago 0.976
45071 parldyn uses win32.dll from external environment for _set_par_temp open 11 years ago 0.991
44023 64-bit PAR files missing open 12 years ago
38067 Can't use XML::SAX in a PAR::Packer standalone due to ParserDetails.ini problem open 12 years ago
33436 Packaging VMWare interface does not work open Important 12 years ago 0.980
29070 Scheduled blocks run at wrong time. open Critical 12 years ago 0.976
6845 shebang line options lost open Normal 12 years ago 0.982
9545 problems running "pp" in certain directories open Normal 12 years ago 0.982
38271 PodStrip does not strip "=encoding utf8" which cause the executable generated by pp failed to exec open Important 12 years ago 0.982
38264 PAR-Packer-0.982: make error on cygwin new 12 years ago
32161 make error PAR::Packer 0.977 on Mac OS 10.5 open Important 12 years ago 0.980
21253 Win32::MsgBox bug when using with $SIG{ __DIE__ } open Important 12 years ago
24857 re: #17635: [BUG] generated executable can't work on another machine new 12 years ago
25353 Compilation issues on win32 (fatal error U1077) new 12 years ago
25423 Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA sometimes loses .al files (WinXP) new Normal 12 years ago
25580 win32 crash with PARed Archive::Zip and fork new Normal 12 years ago
30667 creating PAR-exe in dependent-mode -> problem stalled Normal 12 years ago 0.980
9557 Order of "-f FILTER1 -f FILTER2" arguments causes problems. stalled Unimportant 12 years ago 0.980
35663 poor diagnostic if no C compiler on install new Unimportant 12 years ago 0.969_01
33256 PAR::Packer fails to build from CPAN on win32/cygwin new Critical 13 years ago 0.977
24192 Incompatibility with Compress::Zlib 2.003 on some systems open Normal 13 years ago 0.970
30815 Namespace clash with new Wishlist 13 years ago 0.976
11964 pp -gui causes command line arguments to be ignored new Normal 13 years ago
12032 garbled characters in Tk new Normal 13 years ago
12728 Getopt::Attributes under PPed file new Important 13 years ago 0.975
13135 Vastly reduce .exe sizes with a parldyn.dll and minimal loader stub new Wishlist 13 years ago
8646 Loading faster or show a starting splash screen open Wishlist 13 years ago
3874 parl doesn't accept Makefile.PL arguments such as 'CC=gcc' open Normal 13 years ago 0.975
21725 Fedora Core and PAR open 13 years ago
27842 Make fails if -j X is in effect stalled Normal 13 years ago 0.975
24348 AS Perl+MinGW+PAR::Packer, bad myldr/Makefile open Normal 13 years ago 0.975

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