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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
131524 getTableCell bug in OpenOffice::OODoc 2.125 new 1 year ago
117525 Inconsistent hierarchy during C3 merge of class 'OpenOffice::OODoc::Styles'. new 5 years ago
117523 OODoc::XPath::inputTextConversion doesn't handle Perlstrings as input new Important 5 years ago 2.125
117521 Add some caching to OODoc::File. new Wishlist 5 years ago
113692 [Report Bug] [HELP] ISSue on OpenOffice::OODoc::Element new 5 years ago
110420 suspect OpenOffice::OOdoc bug, please help open 5 years ago
103882 bugreport OpenOffice::OODoc::Text new 6 years ago
101712 reading odf documents in a loop exausts all memory open 6 years ago
93725 can't handle .odt files generated by libreoffice open 6 years ago
100185 Bug in XPath prevents Flat XML support new 6 years ago
95444 lacking functionality in getUserProperty and related methods new 7 years ago
94944 repeating cols in spreadsheet are skipped in perl data structure new 7 years ago
90802 proposal to change the function code renameTable new Unimportant 7 years ago
86602 Bug: getStyleAttributes does not return properties for automatic paragraph styles new 8 years ago
83070 cellSpan not handled correctly in header row new 8 years ago
83003 text:list-style can only be retrieved by name; as a result it cannot be created new 8 years ago
78711 Warns Use of uninitialized value open 9 years ago
76996 [PATCH] Spelling glitches new 9 years ago
76994 [PATCH] POD glitch new 9 years ago
73437 new Important 9 years ago 2.124
69720 (No subject) open Normal 10 years ago 2.125
61173 removeTextStyleChanges erases content when there is no span new 11 years ago
41298 Bug oodoc open Wishlist 12 years ago

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