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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
125769 [PATCH] fix POD typos found by lintian new 3 years ago
125387 Incorrect REG_intermed_notif_mask new 3 years ago
92305 Wrong pack template used in sub new 7 years ago
88268 Improve short message handling and other improvements new 8 years ago 1.19
88267 TLV (tag,length,value) values are not numeric new 8 years ago 1.19
69911 : IO::Socket sockopt wrong syntax new Normal 10 years ago 1.19
68928 Undefined subroutine &main new 10 years ago
67384 Memory Leak new 10 years ago
64306 in SMSC mode, the additional parameters are not properly obtained from decode_optional_params() new Important 10 years ago 1.18
55601 Net::SMPP::PDU methods return runtime error: Not a GLOB reference open Important 11 years ago 1.13
18510 $resp_pdu->status open Critical 11 years ago
57681 Send unicode characters on SMPP new Normal 11 years ago
56229 (No subject) new Normal 11 years ago
45822 ${errcode}_msg is incorrect open Normal 11 years ago 1.12
55194 Bug in encode_optional_params open 11 years ago
49370 Typoes in Net::SNMP examples / documentation open Important 12 years ago 1.12
39357 Optional parameters "message_state" and "receipted_message_id" broken in deliver_sm new Important 13 years ago 1.11
23664 Re: mBlox constants are mixed in Net:SMPP package new 14 years ago
23590 mBlox constants are mixed in Net:SMPP package new Important 14 years ago
18583 don't work under perl 5.5 new Critical 15 years ago 1.04
4169 Error handling enquire_link's new Important 18 years ago 1.03

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