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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
127549 Mention Method::Signatures::Modifiers in documentation? open Wishlist 2 years ago 0.43
103006 No real alternative new Unimportant 6 years ago 0.40
97690 Uses undocumented MooseX::Role::Parameterized->current_metaclass method open 7 years ago
74740 Patch to make MooseX::Declare more extensible new 8 years ago
84469 Namespace collision between method and module/class open Normal 8 years ago
84202 Handling of white-spaces in conjunction with module names needs to be improved new Normal 8 years ago 0.35
74143 Strange MooseX::Declare behaivior open 9 years ago
71957 Basic role implementation failing - <Role> requires the method '<method_name> to be implemented by '<class>' new 9 years ago
66865 Syntax error weirdness new 10 years ago 0.34
66252 Segfault with Regexp::Grammars new Important 10 years ago 0.34
66195 D:D and MX:D still not happy new 10 years ago
61313 Negative line numbers in %DB::sub new 11 years ago 0.33
58908 trigger does not accept a method new Normal 11 years ago 0.33
57101 Bug in parameterized role composition new 11 years ago
57100 Cannot apply parameterized roles with Role(parameters) syntax new 11 years ago
54930 Warning on declaring a before/after method Before the main new 11 years ago
54449 simplify 'around BUILDARGS' new Wishlist 11 years ago
52686 breaking test case new Normal 11 years ago
52295 Memory leak with anonymous classes, attributes and method signatures. new Normal 11 years ago 0.32
49077 use overload does not work open Normal 11 years ago
49793 Strict & MultiMethods new Wishlist 12 years ago
49385 Add protection to methods open Wishlist 12 years ago
49389 typo of HashRef[Any] in signature leads to odd error message new Normal 12 years ago 0.29
46718 make test fails hard open Critical 12 years ago 0.22
46601 Delay loading Moose stalled Wishlist 12 years ago 0.22
43186 pitfalls/tricky parts to mention in the pod open 12 years ago

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