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This queue is for tickets about the Moose CPAN distribution.




ID Subject Status Severity Last Updated Broken in Fixed in
123961 native array slice method open Wishlist 3 weeks ago
123825 Accessing a Moose Model open 6 weeks ago
123788 Typo in Changes for 2.2009 patched 7 weeks ago
123299 Inline Type Constraints don't accept stringifiable messages open 8 weeks ago
98809 support more overloads in type constraints open 9 weeks ago
77357 Attribute named "new" breaks weirdly open 9 weeks ago 2.0602
123385 Native trait initializing attribute open 2 months ago
121749 fix documentation regarding lazy-ness of required attributes new 8 months ago
118808 Moose 2.1902-TRIAL breaks DBIx-Class-Graph-1.05 open 11 months ago 2.1902-TRIAL
118305 Array map/grep method allows to change value without constraint check open 1 years ago
113488 Duplicate/incompatible attribute definitions produce no error or warning open 1 years ago 2.1605
79572 subclass attribute overrides kill method modifiers open Important 1 years ago 2.0402
77406 Attribute delegated in one role does not satisfy requires of another role open 1 years ago
73850 inner() gets confused when one augmented method calls another open Normal 1 years ago
69207 Automatically import namespace::autoclean open Wishlist 1 years ago
94585 useless error message on moose attribute when parent class constructor made an object not based on a hash reference stalled 1 years ago
93248 composing attribute and method with the same name: not an error open 1 years ago 2.1204
83861 no warning about overwriting a locally defined method with an accessor in a Role open 1 years ago 2.0604
90657 Parent ticket: distributions that are broken by recent Moose changes open Unimportant 1 years ago
89536 Some packages don't compile standalone open Unimportant 1 years ago
85550 Unable to install Moose 2.0802 on Strawberry Perl (Win 7) stalled 1 years ago 2.0802
85702 Stub subroutine + 'after' method modifier = deep recursion open Unimportant 1 years ago 2.0402
71600 error reported at the wrong place in 2.0205 open 1 years ago
78805 Failure while validating read-only against typeconstraint stalled 1 years ago
75265 apps using Moose cannot use debugger on perl < 5.8.6 stalled Important 1 years ago 2.0402
73764 attribute coerce with deep type doesn't see subtype coercions stalled Normal 1 years ago 2.0401
71640 Moose->init_meta may fail to reinitialize properly in some cases stalled Unimportant 1 years ago 2.0205
104295 Metaroles can declare conflicting trait aliases open Normal 1 years ago 2.1404
117585 Moose should provide more info about methods open Wishlist 1 years ago
114383 make type validation error message indicate which parent type failed to match new Wishlist 2 years ago
105185 validation of Num fails if LC_NUMERIC is set to locale with comma instead of point open 3 years ago
102630 anonymous class instances contain a reference to its meta open Wishlist 3 years ago
89249 Test failure in t/cmop/methods.t on CentOS5 / perl 5.8.8 open Normal 3 years ago 2.1005
100723 nested Roles broken on requires new 3 years ago
100702 Document the algorithm for finding a class, where package name does not match the filename open Wishlist 3 years ago 2.1100-TRIAL
90774 Make it possible to disable Moose's export of warnings into Moose-using packages stalled Normal 3 years ago
61102 The order of definitions of type constraints shouldn't matter stalled 3 years ago
89397 The inner() sub calls a modifier even with nothing in a subclass has augmented that particular method open 3 years ago
88609 warning in test results for MooseX-Role-Parameterized open 3 years ago
91593 Inheritance is broken when applying metaclass trait to parent class' metaclass stalled 3 years ago 2.0402
97604 Don't use Moose::Exporter's meta_lookup callback in Moose::Exporter itself when it's not needed open 3 years ago
93203 weak_ref => 1 attrs might get undef although the type constraint shouldn't allow it open 4 years ago 2.1204
87378 Coercions are not inlined new Unimportant 4 years ago 2.1003
48850 immutable subclass, mutable parent, silent failures open 5 years ago
53611 Attribute insertion order goes weird on reinsertion open 5 years ago
59478 Build problems on ia64 stalled 5 years ago
63000 Regression from Moose 1.05 to 1.06 on HP-UX 11.31 stalled 5 years ago 1.06
46347 Roles + 'requires attribute' doesn't work open Important 5 years ago 0.79
79783 Method delegation - ask forgiveness, not permission open Normal 5 years ago 2.0603
76387 message for nested subtypes open Wishlist 5 years ago
75367 attributes with init_arg => undef lose their value after applying a role open Critical 5 years ago 2.0402
73451 Newval arg may be wrong in a trigger fired during _call_all_triggers. open Normal 6 years ago 2.0200
73449 During a rebless, triggers will fire for any attributes that have an undefined init_arg and began the rebless with a value. new Normal 6 years ago 2.0000
71922 constants are always detected as methods new 6 years ago
71769 parameterized metaclass trait creates a warning new 6 years ago
68698 Applying traits to attributes using clone_and_inherit_options fails for traits that overwrite _process_options open Important 7 years ago 2.0007
68529 Applying metarole via Moose::Util::MetaRole clobbers method modifiers. open Important 7 years ago 2.0007
66866 Moose::Exporter's importer destroys role generator open 7 years ago
66554 Can't turn 'ro' attribute into 'rw' attribute in class open 7 years ago
64778 Profiling Moose modules may often result in NYTProf linking to Package::Stash new 7 years ago
64731 Warn when you subclass from a non-Moose class open Wishlist 7 years ago 1.21
45591 Excluded methods should be added to 'requires' open Important 8 years ago 0.76

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