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This queue is for tickets about the Module-CPANTS-Analyse CPAN distribution.




ID Subject Status Severity Last Updated Broken in Fixed in
102924 Tests always fail use_strict and has_abstract_in_pod if utf8 appears anywhere in the source files path. open 10 days ago
102324 new kwalitee metric: dist contains README.pod new Wishlist 3 weeks ago
102330 new kwalitee metric: does not have a prerequisite that is marked as deprecated new Wishlist 5 weeks ago
101420 new metric idea: declare x_authority open Wishlist 3 months ago
101418 outdated Module::Install not being detected? open 3 months ago
99310 .pm files should be inspected from blib, not lib, to account for filters open 4 months ago
98291 Quoted filename including space in MANIFEST not handled correctly open Normal 4 months ago 0.92
98986 new kwalitee metric: contains IRC metadata open Wishlist 6 months ago
98086 Misleading error in Module::CPANTS::Kwalitee::Uses open 7 months ago
97784 Proposed new metric: lead module doesn't have a DESCRIPTION new Wishlist 8 months ago
97119 missing_build_prereqs, missing_prereqs omits mentioning core and dual-lifed modules new 9 months ago
88969 prereq_matches_use should ignore statements in strings and __DATA__ sections open Normal 9 months ago 0.92
95810 new kwalitee metric: indexable module names should be in findable .pm files open Wishlist 10 months ago
95148 new kwalitee metric: works on newest dev or stable perl new Wishlist 11 months ago
93720 prereq_matches_use confused by version ranges in META.json new 1 years ago
93580 prereq_matches_use, build_prereq_matches_use should respect other data in META new 1 years ago
93361 new metric suggestion: installs to the wrong place open Wishlist 1 years ago
84951 Failed test 'has_test_pod' dose not see use Test::Requires { 'Test::Pod' => 1.46 }; open Important 1 years ago 0.87
34757 Wrong failures when distdir ends in "foo/foo" open Normal 1 years ago
91550 new kwalitee metric: missing configure_requires metadata new Wishlist 1 years ago
89717 prereq_matches_use extracting things that do not exist open 1 years ago 0.92
89350 New kwalitee metric: proper pod =encoding declaration new Wishlist 1 years ago
88424 new kwalitee metric: utf8 chars without 'use utf8' new Wishlist 2 years ago
88215 Module::CPANTS::Kwalitee::MetaYML is improperly falling back to META.json open 2 years ago
30973 prereq catches conditional uses in test stalled Normal 2 years ago v0.74
88130 Module::CPANTS::SiteKwalitee is missing? open 2 years ago
85107 fails no_pod_errors , doesn't tell why. open Normal 2 years ago
85137 New kwalitee metric: look for shebangs in tests open Wishlist 2 years ago
76473 [new metric] META.yml errors: "provides" for modules in t/ or inc/ stalled Wishlist 2 years ago
84921 New kwalitee metric: look for invalid shebangs in executables stalled Wishlist 2 years ago
85048 New kwalitee metric: ensure tests do not use "no_plan" new Wishlist 2 years ago
84884 Many constructor options are not documented new Unimportant 2 years ago
84389 Provide guidance on how to address issues found open Wishlist 2 years ago
34965 Add option to to say /why/ a metric fails. new Wishlist 2 years ago
27115 Add kwalitee metric for archive file ordering new Wishlist 2 years ago
36372 Problems with LICENSE / EXAMPLES / PREREQ checks new Normal 7 years ago
27499 add stats about number of packages new Wishlist 8 years ago

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