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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
132486 Find a bug in mail-spf new 1 year ago
131438 Build error with Mail::SPF new 1 year ago
130413 [PATCH] replace references to new 2 years ago
130299 [PATCH] spf: lookup failed: Can't locate object method "qualifier_pattern" via package new 2 years ago
34768 Can't install as non-root / PREFIX not heeded open Normal 3 years ago v2.005
93241 Pod testing prevents installation by end users open 3 years ago
116421 Unable to install Centos 7 new 5 years ago
110055 Memory leak in Mail::SPF::MacroString new 5 years ago
107112 max_void_dns_lookups goes against RFC 4408 open 6 years ago
86185 Using the "Error" module is no longer recommended open Wishlist 6 years ago
101713 Documentation Error on Processing null Mail From new 6 years ago
99890 Mail-SPF-v2.9.0 fails Build test new 7 years ago
96469 Mail::SPF::Server does not catch Net::DNS error for invalid records new Normal 7 years ago v2.9.0
95858 t/00.04-class-server.t fails with Net-DNS-0.75 open 7 years ago v2.9.0
89294 Memory leak when repeatedly creating Mail::SPF::Server objects open Important 8 years ago v2.8.0
88390 Improper handling of SPF records with embedded newlines patched 8 years ago
86060 Mail-SPF-v2.8.0 new 8 years ago
78249 won't install under RHEL6 any more open Important 8 years ago v2.8.0
39099 'Build test' fails for Mail-SPF-v2.006 on Solaris 9 with perl 5.6.1 open Normal 8 years ago v2.8.0
84132 v2.8.0 ne v2.008 new 8 years ago
78214 t/10.00-rfc4408.t fails with Net-DNS 0.68 open 9 years ago v2.8.0
77005 Misbehaving DNS servers causing very long query time new 9 years ago
67073 spf2 record includes spf1 record stalled Wishlist 9 years ago
70469 Issue - Mail::SPF - Parentheses in comments/text et. al. stalled Wishlist 9 years ago
61948 black magic options not available stalled Wishlist 10 years ago v2.007
25491 More specific diagnostic message for "a:" open Wishlist 14 years ago

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