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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
131545 Mime::Parser will not install on Ubuntu 18.04 open Critical 1 year ago
130110 MIME::Decoder::Base64::encode_it() is too slow new 2 years ago
129170 Mail::Header unfolding in get() is incomplete new 2 years ago
128400 MIME::Decoder::Base64 encoder output overhead is too high new 2 years ago
128198 Parsing issues in MIME::Parser $VERSION = "5.509"; new 2 years ago
127369 Trouble parsing a MIME attachment with MIME::Parse new 3 years ago
124274 Stale URL in top-level README new 3 years ago
123325 Not a bug, a feature request new Wishlist 4 years ago
123335 MIME::Words::encode_mimewords: double-encodes (produces Mojibake), produces too long lines open 4 years ago 5.504
122843 incorrect version in META.yml new 4 years ago 5.509
121416 MYMETA must not be included new 4 years ago
118289 MIME::Words::encode_mimewords includes spaces in the encoded word new 5 years ago
114182 Add helper method "get_decoded" for headers. new Wishlist 5 years ago
113359 Endless loop in make test open 5 years ago 5.507
111733 MIME::Head->recommended_filename balks on apple mail filename header open 5 years ago
106911 MIME::Parser cannot extract nested "message/global" message open 6 years ago
102030 Remove dependency on Test::Deep for building open 6 years ago
102031 Relax ExtUtils::MakeMaker requirement new 6 years ago
97886 Parser::Filer breaks in Taint mode new 7 years ago
87835 Round-trip mutlipart preambles with CRLF new 8 years ago
87135 MIME::Head->recommended_filename returns empty result on some malformed headers new 8 years ago
79356 Request to use mime attribute content-location to determine recommended filename open 9 years ago
13027 MIME::Words::encode_mimewords split one character into separated MIME blocks open Important 9 years ago
64589 MIME:Parser doesn't check if a content-decoder is supported before create a new MIME::Decoder object new Normal 10 years ago 5.428
61161 Please fix CRLF issue new Normal 11 years ago
41655 RFC2231 strings decoded in MIME header string can corrupt it open 11 years ago 5.427
29085 $/ as given is currently unsupported open Important 14 years ago
  • 5.420
  • 5.420_01
12787 Boundary delimiter in MIME::Entity new 16 years ago 5.417
8663 MIME::Decoder::NBit changes only some \r\n to \n new Important 16 years ago 5.415
8101 MIME::Parser::Reader removes trailing \r from data new Normal 17 years ago
  • 6.200_02
  • 5.414

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