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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
128007 Undeclared dependency Log::Log4perl new 2 years ago 0.25
90834 does not build with mozjs-24.1.0 new 7 years ago 0.21
70693 build error on debian sid new 10 years ago
63987 eval math operations cause seg faults new Normal 10 years ago 0.20
62859 Missing dependency for Log::Log4perl in both Makefile.PL and META.yml new Normal 11 years ago 0.20
57894 Why do we need "init" and "new"? new Normal 11 years ago 0.19
57922 problem compiling with JS_SetBranchCallback() open Important 11 years ago 0.19
57893 Rationale for using bytes::length new Normal 11 years ago 0.19
17627 is coercing undefineds to q/undef/ in property_by_path really necessary? open Important 11 years ago 0.12
29359 Request for the 'eval_file' method open Wishlist 11 years ago 0.19
14204 property_by_path() doesn't work as expected open Important 11 years ago 0.11
17629 aliasing does not work as documented open Critical 11 years ago 0.12
57617 Error messages open Normal 11 years ago 0.19
57572 Incorrect line numbers in error messages new Normal 11 years ago 0.19
48852 JS_Init is deprecated by JS_NewRuntime new 12 years ago
46321 Use of uninitialized value when eval js new 12 years ago
44068 Include and library files using MacPorts new 12 years ago
33892 Include and library files under FreeBSD new 13 years ago 0.19
29360 Request for the PrintError/RaiseError options in the constructor new Wishlist 14 years ago 0.19
27355 patch for detecting lib, plus a JS_THREADSAFE problem open 14 years ago
6504 returning arrays from perl mapped funbctions to javascript context open Wishlist 15 years ago 0.08
18696 Makefile.PL INC/LIBS detection open Important 15 years ago 0.15

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