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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
127465 allow more choices of JSON backends new 3 years ago
112218 undeclared dependency on Try::Tiny new Unimportant 5 years ago 1.06
93242 (No subject) open 7 years ago
84916 Wish: automatic cookies new Wishlist 8 years ago 1.03
80528 newer dist problem new 9 years ago
76612 JSON::RPC::Server::Apache2 implementation checks max_length but doesn't give any way to override the value new Important 9 years ago 1.01
64237 Include underscore character in the _parse_argument_type function new Wishlist 10 years ago 0.96
52606 TimeOut for JSON::RPC::Client Configurable open Wishlist 11 years ago
61357 Clarify how to set 1.0 version new Normal 11 years ago 0.96
60346 system.listMethods suggestion new Unimportant 11 years ago
58471 Client does not properly handle error responses from JSON-RPC 1.1 HTTP servers new Critical 11 years ago 0.96
57045 Resolution of method names to procedures is irrational new Normal 11 years ago 0.96
57040 modules always set in scalar context new Important 11 years ago 0.96
55730 JSON::RPC::Server::CGI should be using to send headers new Normal 11 years ago 0.96
38115 issue with JSON::RPC::Server and FastCGI new 13 years ago
36502 Would like a hook for pre-method code new Wishlist 13 years ago 0.96
36495 JSON::RPC::Server::CGI should be using $self->path_info instead of $cgi->path_info new Normal 13 years ago 0.96
36363 error_response_header is not reset before _handle() is called new Critical 13 years ago 0.96

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