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This queue is for tickets about the IO-Async CPAN distribution.




ID Subject Status Severity Last Updated Broken in Fixed in
125858 IO Async Bug on changed time new 5 weeks ago
125614 tests hang at t\52loop-listen.t new 2 months ago 0.72
125083 IO::Async::File documentation fix new Normal 4 months ago
114376 Tests sometimes fail open 4 months ago
124289 wish: IO::Async::Process to support timeout? open Normal 5 months ago 0.71
123780 Feature request: method to check if loop is running new 6 months ago
97943 Socket->send Future support open Wishlist 7 months ago 0.63
122961 Better handling of the multiple clocks new 11 months ago 0.71
122948 Documentation improvements new 12 months ago
122548 resolver falls into an endless write loop under komodo ide 7.1 interactive debugging new 1 years ago
120903 O_NONBLOCK on STDIN/OUT/ERR leaks out of process new 1 years ago
120503 Incorrect use of maybe_invoke_event in IO::Async::Listener::on_read_ready() new 1 years ago
117934 IO::Async::Function - the $@ error string is not passed to 'on_result' new 2 years ago 0.70
116920 IO::Async::File - can't watch a directory on Windows new 2 years ago 0.70
115763 IaResolver breaks over libc upgrades new 2 years ago 0.70
114924 Wide character in stdin causes immediate death with IO::Async::Process new 2 years ago
113795 The version control repository is not mentioned anywhere in the CPAN Distribution new 2 years ago
113565 t/42function.t leaks under ./Build test new 2 years ago 0.70
107854 Listener documenation mistake open Important 3 years ago
107801 make autoflush same as undelaying write handle has new Normal 3 years ago
106960 Possible way to get loop-aware subclassable Futures new 3 years ago
106260 IaRoutine / IaFunction should set $0 for process name new Wishlist 3 years ago
104130 Loops should survive forks patched Wishlist 3 years ago
97291 on_resolve in listen should be able to be a method open 3 years ago
104413 Infinite wait if $SIG{'INT'} is set to a custom function before calling $loop->run open 3 years ago
104428 tests crash: perl: IO.xs:312: XS_IO__Poll__poll: Assertion `PL_valid_types_PVX[((svtype)((_svpvx)->sv_flags & 0xff)) & 0xf]' failed. new 3 years ago 0.66
104131 IaProcess unable to use custom class/instance for fd stream wrappers new 3 years ago 0.66
102068 Please make IO::Async::FileStream and IO::Async::File tolerate ENOENT on the ->{filename} open 3 years ago
102315 Test errors in IO::Async new 3 years ago
102051 pty support? open Wishlist 4 years ago 0.64
71764 $stream->close does not invoke current on_read handler with $closed==true open 4 years ago 0.44
102077 Devel::NYTProf support new Wishlist 4 years ago 0.64
101457 Use accept4 instead of accept by default where available? open Wishlist 4 years ago 0.64
94980 50resolver.t fails because of AI_NUMERICHOST on windows open 4 years ago
90066 IO Async Function Issue open 5 years ago
91723 Timeouts in IaFunction open 5 years ago 0.61
71706 tests fail on Cygwin open 5 years ago
89858 $loop->remove( undef ) produces confusing messages new 5 years ago 0.61
89569 Errors during make test on Red Hat. open 5 years ago
78477 Can't easily use IaProcess streams as Protocol transports new Normal 6 years ago 0.52
74171 t/37loop-child-root.t fails in OBS build env for Debian 6.0 and Ubuntu 11.04/10. open 7 years ago 0.45

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