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This queue is for tickets about the IO CPAN distribution.




ID Subject Status Severity Last Updated Broken in Fixed in
124427 Perl socket (IO::Socket::INET6) is not autoflushing new 5 weeks ago
111762 Document write return value new 2 years ago
106244 Thread race in dist/IO/IO.xs new 3 years ago
106175 Document that IO::Handle->clearerr clears eof condition new Wishlist 3 years ago
77740 IO::Select can't remove closed socket open Normal 4 years ago 1.25
53677 mask() skip closed handles also if removing open Important 4 years ago
93107 IO::Poll relies on stable stringification of IO handles new 4 years ago
91231 Why IO::Socket::INET prohibit to bind dynamic port on INADDR_ANY? new 4 years ago
91183 IO::Socket getsockopt on AIX new 4 years ago
90225 Handle getprotobyn{ame,umber} not being available new 4 years ago
90091 no way to detect errors and documentation issue new 4 years ago
86791 Incorrect error code for IO::Socket::INET new 5 years ago
82552 IO::File accepts no arguments for new(), checks for @_ == 1 or croaks open Critical 5 years ago 1.25
86463 sync up with typo fixes made in blead new 5 years ago
85960 (No subject) new Normal 5 years ago 1.25
61577 ->sockdomain and ->socktype undefined on newly ->accept'ed sockets open 6 years ago 1.25
68902 please add sctp protocol support to IO::Socket::INET open Important 6 years ago
68366 IO::File ignores PERL_UNICODE and PerlIO layer defaults new Critical 7 years ago
67545 $handle->blocking(0) does not work on perl-5.6.2-linux for tied filehandles new Critical 7 years ago 1.25
67518 on perl-5.6.2 the testsuite throws a warning about "threads" new Normal 7 years ago 1.25
65836 Change 'new Object()' syntax to Object->new() in POD synopses open Unimportant 7 years ago
65107 PATCH: move binmode method to IO::Handle from IO::File new 7 years ago
65045 IO::Socket send croaks on send fail due to getpeername + performance issue new 7 years ago
53838 Another problem with IO::Socket on BeOS new Important 7 years ago 1.25
53837 FIx to make IO::Socket work on BeOS new Important 7 years ago 1.25
63052 IO::Socket->connected raises warning if socket doesn't yet have a filehandle new 7 years ago
61074 IO::Handle::blocking does not work under windows 7 64bit new Normal 8 years ago 1.25
60915 Unsupported socket function "getservent" new Important 8 years ago 1.25
60907 connect method not documented in POD for IO::Socket new Important 8 years ago
59667 make IO::* more efficient by doing less imports open 8 years ago 1.25
59984 Always call IO::Socket->configure even with no %args new Wishlist 8 years ago
57671 Allow ->bind and ->connect with named arguments new Wishlist 8 years ago
54229 Our lists are good to promote your kind of business new 8 years ago
53839 IO::Socket assumes getservbyname etc. exist w/fix open Normal 8 years ago 1.25
53770 binmode does not accept 1 or 2 parameters but this are the typical calls. open Critical 8 years ago 1.25
53606 Don't rebless a IO::Socket unless you need to open 8 years ago
53049 IO::Handle blocking always fails in windows new 8 years ago 1.25
52166 support needed in IO::Socket::INET for SO_SNDBUF and SO_RCVBUF new 8 years ago
49852 Minimum perl version mismatch new Normal 9 years ago 1.25
46836 All of the IO::Socket socket tests are broken with respect to signal interrupts open 9 years ago

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