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This queue is for tickets about the HTTP-Message CPAN distribution.




ID Subject Status Severity Last Updated Broken in Fixed in
120310 Storable is used in HTTP::Headers for cloning new 5 weeks ago
62959 HTTP::Response as_string and parse not commutative new 2 months ago
59497 (patch included) add ability to specify custom priority for HTTP::Config items new Wishlist 2 months ago
59570 HTTP::Request->parse() handles leading double slashes in path incorrectly new Important 2 months ago
54266 BUG: linefeeds in HTTP::Response->parse new Normal 2 months ago
58925 HTTP::Request::Common::POST should accept content as a scalar ref new 2 months ago
19243 HTTP::Status says 304 response is_redirect open Normal 2 months ago
51492 Escape quotes and backslashes HTTP::Request::Common open Wishlist 2 months ago
27903 allow HTTP::Request to use Connect method new Important 2 months ago
34800 HTTP::Message is not handling malformed HTTP headers new 2 months ago
119570 [PATCH] HTTP::Message->parse works with strings without empty line between headers and body new 3 months ago
116270 HTTP::Message::decodable should localise $@ open 8 months ago
115670 HTTP::Config->match generates "uninitialized value" in matching method new 9 months ago
106990 HTTP::Response constructor to set Content-Length new Wishlist 2 years ago
92917 decoded_content does not save regex position open 2 years ago 6.06
92475 bug with decoded_content() if response header does not contain Content-Encoding open Important 2 years ago 6.06
106237 URI params are not escaped correctly open 2 years ago 6.10
105924 if_modified_since calls time2str and dies open Important 2 years ago 6.08
79239 leaving end boundary without \n open Important 2 years ago 6.03
105516 Support Vary header normalization new Wishlist 2 years ago
105184 Fixed Read Buffer Size new 2 years ago
68644 HTTP::Request::Common OPTIONS open Wishlist 2 years ago
77403 Message affected by 'use utf8', breaks binary POSTs open Critical 2 years ago 6.03
100825 decode_content issue with "Content-Encoding: none" open 2 years ago
82963 ->decoded_content should decode application/json, etc open Wishlist 3 years ago 6.06
95545 decoded_content / content_charset fails on Chinese websites since 6.04 new 3 years ago
75592 RFC Violation - Broken POST content open Critical 3 years ago 6.03 6.00
91835 HTTP::Headers not working if header has ā€œ:ā€ in it comes as Illegal field name . open 3 years ago
90716 [PATCH] Typo fixes: override .= "s" new 3 years ago
89968 Extraction of authorization from URL needs to happen sooner new 3 years ago 6.06
86272 bug in HTTP::Message::decoded_content() open 4 years ago
84461 HTTP::Headers Doesn't like SOAP::Lite fields named "APR::Table=HASH(0x7f7929552af0)" new 4 years ago
80632 HTTP method 'PATCH' not supported (rfc5789) new Wishlist 4 years ago 6.01
81579 (No subject) new Important 4 years ago 6.06
80144 `make test` fails new Critical 4 years ago 6.04
76578 Content-Location header in HTTP::Response new 5 years ago
75224 HTTP::Response->parse is too keen to preserve whitespace open 5 years ago 6.03
73883 make URL-encoded PUT calls easily new Wishlist 5 years ago
69078 form-data Content-Type doesn't seem to permit setting charset for individual content fields new Normal 6 years ago 6.00

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