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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
132797 (No subject) new 11 months ago
125792 Deep recursion failures in $tree->delete new 3 years ago
124734 angle bracket enclosed text new 3 years ago
123586 [PATCH] Fix POD typos found by lintian spell-checker new 4 years ago
84526 HTML5 Parsing open 4 years ago
93431 Patch: don't needlessly escape characters in element content open Wishlist 4 years ago 5.03
121310 5.04 possibly breaks MasonX-Resolver-WidgetFactory open 4 years ago 5.04
89820 Tests fail on Cygwin 64bit Perl 5.14.4 open 4 years ago
94311 Patch: as_XML() inserts extra whitespace in comments open Normal 4 years ago 5.03
113415 Speed up HTML::Tree open 4 years ago
116367 htmltree does not provide help open 4 years ago
103204 Misplaced unknown element when calling as_HTML new 6 years ago
99936 Wrong parsing HTML open 7 years ago
86062 Duplicate <html> tags with implicit_tags(0) set open 8 years ago
83641 Parsing documents with head-only tags in the body new 8 years ago
72975 newline separators between block elements in as_text() stalled Wishlist 9 years ago 4.2
76051 meta tags in body create an invalid parse new 9 years ago
76021 Bad parsing of <form><body> open 9 years ago
71805 Patch: Attributes with invalid name omitted from XML output new 10 years ago
37537 Implementation of as_HTML makes it effectively impossible to subclass open Important 11 years ago 3.23
33961 Allow optional_end_tags to be set globally open Wishlist 11 years ago 3.23
53658 HTML::Element::as_text collapses internal whitespace open Important 11 years ago 3.23 3.23
26938 as_XML doesn't encode enough characters, specifically CR and LF open 11 years ago

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