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This queue is for tickets about the Graph-Easy CPAN distribution.




ID Subject Status Severity Last Updated Broken in Fixed in
122050 Graph::Easy->as_boxart hangs if a node contains a newline. new 9 months ago 0.71
118078 arrow on both the source and target node (end and start point) open 1 years ago
117075 Graph::Easy::Base docs of _init() new 2 years ago
39075 Can get multiple edges per Graph when nodes defined more than once open 2 years ago 0.76
92614 Misspelled hash key open 2 years ago 0.76
104328 type() on undirected graph open 2 years ago 0.76
116168 Help text for graph-easy: say a short overview, not this short overview new 2 years ago
105564 Label is not shown for cluster in case if it's splitted new 3 years ago
105171 as_graphviz() quoting of attribute values open 3 years ago
104723 has_edge() arg order for undirected graph open 3 years ago
104562 Graph::Easy::Parser error return new 3 years ago
104561 Graph::Easy::Parser docs of from_file() on ref new 3 years ago
101437 setting root node new 3 years ago
98398 Patch to handle color lists new 4 years ago
96994 Graph::Easy::Group->add_group() always add child group to root graph instead of only current group new 4 years ago
95955 Layouter fails to detect "overlapping nodes" new 4 years ago
95954 Sometimes the node size in ASCII/Boxart output is wrong new 4 years ago
95953 Boxart output has wrong cornerpieces for net-to-each-other nodes new 4 years ago
92538 Graphviz group borders new 4 years ago
81524 Test failures due to hash randomisation in perl 5.17.6 new Important 5 years ago 0.72
79874 Label with newline causes infinite loop new 5 years ago 0.71
76818 Group-to-group and node-to-group edges are not implemented new Wishlist 6 years ago 0.71
76318 (No subject) new Normal 6 years ago 0.64
51005 Layouter failed to place 5 edges in simple 3 node graph open 6 years ago
70101 end-of-line mish-mash causes problems with signature new Normal 7 years ago 0.70
49675 Error in attribute: '-1' is not a valid minlen for a edge at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.10.0/Graph/Easy/ line 1299 open 7 years ago
63570 Offsets not honoured for PNG new 7 years ago
63061 doesn't allow newlines between "digraph" and "{" in Graphviz format new 7 years ago
49676 ascii art for complex dot file is not correct (misses links) new 9 years ago
49535 Installation fails due to Pod Tests open 9 years ago 0.64
47809 Graph::Easy 0.64 doesn't allow class names with only digits new 9 years ago
48657 what is the default timeout? patched Unimportant 9 years ago 0.64
48659 "Layouter could not place" message needs more detail open Normal 9 years ago 0.64
48656 How do I set custom attributes? new Normal 9 years ago 0.64
27663 no subgroups with Graph::Easy::Group open Important 9 years ago
48065 Add a target attribute open 9 years ago
47919 "link" attributes don't preserve URI escapes new 9 years ago
43316 Ordering Grouped Nodes new Wishlist 9 years ago 0.64
37566 Graphviz (v2.16) output broken open Important 9 years ago 0.63
41338 Error while converting VCG file (generated from gcc) to DOT format open 9 years ago
40392 Bug escaping / unescaping strings open 9 years ago 0.63
37565 Feature request for "legend" new Wishlist 10 years ago
36449 add L<> for links in POD format, document it better and fully implement it new Normal 10 years ago 0.63
36448 add a "shrink" attribute to nodes new Normal 10 years ago 0.63
35184 Layouter hangs with 749-edge graph open Important 10 years ago 0.62
28721 Node not connected in layout open 10 years ago
29039 Non-terminating v0.57 open 11 years ago

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