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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
132933 Regarding Devel::CheckLib failed tests [ #132933] open 3 months ago
72291 CheckLib fails on NFS open Normal 2 years ago
114294 assert_lib fails if gcc output is not executable open 3 years ago 1.12
114102 Devel::CheckLib breaks Math::GMP open Normal 3 years ago
59518 Support C++ open 5 years ago
109028 Problems with trailing space in ldflags new 5 years ago
108495 Cannot debug what is happening with this error open 6 years ago
108494 Stale documentation new 6 years ago
108493 If the script is deprecated, why is it documented at the top of the documentation? new 6 years ago
107109 Use LIBS and INC from PERL_MM_OPT open Wishlist 6 years ago
105304 Tests fail. new Critical 6 years ago 1.03
91771 can't find gcc-4 on cygwin open 6 years ago 1.01
96434 empty abstract, authors in metadata new Unimportant 7 years ago 1.01
87572 Devel::CheckLib docs need to be updated for Makefile.PL usage open 8 years ago 1.01
81330 assert_lib with LIBS argument on Solaris open Important 8 years ago 0.98
82731 Make it easier to use with *-config scripts new Wishlist 8 years ago
82728 "-pthread" not accepted as linker flag new 8 years ago 0.98
61917 [PROBLEM] Latest release has a version number older than previous release open 8 years ago
78496 Use of qw(...) as parentheses is deprecated at inc/Devel/ line 163. new 9 years ago 0.98
75803 Allow function option to be used without lib option open 9 years ago
75753 make test fails on spaces in config options ( and a patch ) new Normal 9 years ago 0.97
75288 option to ignore Perl's ccflags/ldflags, or filter them properly new Normal 9 years ago
68593 Devel-CheckLib-0.93 install failure on Solaris 10MU9 / Perl 5.8.9 new Critical 10 years ago 0.93
66717 alternate main body doesn't work without lib argument new Critical 10 years ago 0.92
61645 no way to define extra functions for use in test code new Normal 11 years ago
60176 no way to test with dependent libraries open Important 11 years ago 0.699_002
54616 (No subject) new Important 11 years ago 0.699_002
54517 Devel::CheckLib 0.699_001 does not detect DLL lib new 11 years ago 0.699_001
43826 Devel-CheckLib-0.5 open 12 years ago

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