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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
134064 Cannot import current_timestamp() default from MariaDB new 7 weeks ago
132035 Generated classes should always use C3 mro new 1 year ago
100004 drop use of MooseX::MarkAsMethods patched 2 years ago
128149 Please ignore Oracle recycle bin patched 2 years ago 0.07049
127318 dbicdump doesn't seem to support DBD::MariaDB new 2 years ago
125930 pluralization not complete open 3 years ago 0.07049
125929 recent inlining can be undone patched 3 years ago 0.07049
125774 Allow us to choose the indentation (2 or 4 spaces) new 3 years ago
123698 Enums types are not properly create when unicode character is used open Normal 3 years ago 0.07047
53855 need POD table and column comments for more backends open Normal 4 years ago 0.04999_14
119996 MySQL view_definition contains db name open 4 years ago
118812 Hook to filter the "custom content" part new 4 years ago
118168 postgress-specific test fails when test schema has preexisting tables in it new 4 years ago
117958 use parent instead of base new Wishlist 4 years ago
113465 MSSQL 'timestamp' columns should be treated like blobs new Normal 5 years ago 0.07045
100287 DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::DBI::DB2 Class // Getting relationship fail new 6 years ago
97674 getting this Error new 7 years ago
91764 DB2 Tables not being loaded patched 7 years ago
81742 calling make_schema_at modifes @INC new Normal 8 years ago 0.07033
81112 lack of accessors name sanity checking is breaking existing code open Critical 8 years ago
25944 "<foo_table> has no primary key" issued also for views open Normal 8 years ago
73876 Optionally warn when a relationship is redefined [PATCH] open Unimportant 9 years ago
70831 Encode S::L dump options within the new 9 years ago
68752 dbicdump and podweaver new 10 years ago
68734 Text fields cannot be indexed without truncation in mysql open 10 years ago
59640 Version 0.06+ and size info for integers and various other columns open 10 years ago
38600 DBIC-Schema-Loader incompatible with Apache threads. open Normal 10 years ago
  • 0.04005
  • 0.04999_05
  • 0.07002
39087 Postgres Inheritance new Wishlist 12 years ago

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