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This queue is for tickets about the DBIx-Class CPAN distribution.




ID Subject Status Severity Last Updated Broken in Fixed in
124501 Implementation of add_to_foo method for many-to-many relationships is dangerous new Important 2 days ago 0.082841
124321 t/storage/replicated.t: no subtests run open 2 weeks ago 0.082841
105510 Join pruner can be more aggressive when {rows} == 1 stalled 4 weeks ago
124247 [META] 0.082900 blockers new 4 weeks ago
63874 Reducing $SIG{__DIE__} errors in find() patched Normal 4 weeks ago
108741 Use of uninitialized value if connection fails patched 4 weeks ago
124246 [META] 0.082850 blockers new 4 weeks ago
110429 Reconnection does not work if timeout occurs in a transaction patched 4 weeks ago 0.082820
107251 missing group by in final query open 4 weeks ago
104839 Can not update_or_create open Important 4 weeks ago
105154 DateTime time zone changes on deflation new 4 weeks ago
104344 DBIx::Class::Manual::Cookbook docs has no description for method parametrs new 4 weeks ago
104289 DBIC::Relationship docs are inconsistent wrt example given at top of document open Important 4 weeks ago
104300 there are unexpected JOIN instead of LEFT JOIN for 'has_many' relationship open Critical 4 weeks ago
103996 emulate limit for Genesis SQL dialect open 4 weeks ago
101838 DBIx::Class::Schema->source could throw more newbie-friendly errors on missing source new 4 weeks ago
99334 DBIx::Class::InflateColumn::Datetime bug with SQL Server open 4 weeks ago
93411 Paged Resultsets unable to return rows due to LIMIT/OFFSET ranges open Normal 4 weeks ago 0.08270
85847 Useless error message when package typo'd in resultset class new 4 weeks ago 0.08250
82951 Oracle timestamp with local time zone not supported new Normal 4 weeks ago 0.08205
81139 docs error new Unimportant 4 weeks ago 0.08204
76730 Resultset create method doesn't create related rows open Important 4 weeks ago
74935 Loading Core first should issue a warning new 4 weeks ago
105376 Actions on txn commit ( was: Conflict with autodie < 2.26 ) open 4 weeks ago
114691 Handel tests will not pass with latest DBIC patched Important 4 weeks ago
115253 documentation error, re add_columns/is_nullable open 4 weeks ago
116489 count on 'having' queries simply fail open 4 weeks ago
93976 Order of arguments to load_components matters and makes InflateColumn::DateTime stop working patched 4 weeks ago
113611 Handel error handling broken since DBIC 0.082810 patched 4 weeks ago
107462 regression with add_column patched 4 weeks ago
102166 Error output when using SQL Sever through ODBC patched Normal 4 weeks ago 0.082810
80283 pk not retrieved after a create patched 4 weeks ago
115381 Column value bleeds over from previous create call (MSSQL-only?) patched 4 weeks ago
118524 patches: simple typo fixes new Unimportant 4 weeks ago
118645 Tonnes of "Use of uninitialized value in string eq at t/00describe_environment.t line 363" open 4 weeks ago 0.082840
119812 Add quotes in error messages where a named thing wasn't found new 4 weeks ago
120089 DBIx::Class::InflateColumn option for passing scalers through open Important 4 weeks ago 0.03
120222 DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::Sybase::ASE::update/_update_blobs bug new Important 4 weeks ago 0.082840
120271 Cookbook section "Changing one field whenever another changes" incomplete open Wishlist 4 weeks ago 0.082840
120527 IN (…) mishandles nested subqueries with bind parameters new 4 weeks ago
114214 DBIx::Class::Storage::Sybase::_ping patched 4 weeks ago
112563 DBIx::Class::ResultSet->get_column documentation says arg is optional open 4 weeks ago
119863 Improve error message open 4 weeks ago
123494 t/72pg.t - found warning: WARNING: SET CONSTRAINTS can only be used in transaction blocks new Normal 4 weeks ago 0.082899_15
123349 FR: implement resultset parameter for ->populate new 4 months ago
123281 Rename from 'discard_changes ' to 'refresh' new 4 months ago
114493 Deep recursive create problem open 2 years ago 0.082821
104242 Grouping JOIN Clauses with Parentheses open Wishlist 2 years ago
105349 Add check to see if relationship has loaded open 2 years ago
106684 Slow __PACKAGE__->load_namespaces; stalled Wishlist 2 years ago
105979 Suggest FAQ addition: valid data_types, specifically enum new 3 years ago
104909 Can not update_or_create for related_resultset open Important 3 years ago
105650 unclear documentation, do not understand how to fetch last insert id open 3 years ago
105462 Dead links in DBIx::Class::Manual::DocMap & QuickStart open 3 years ago
104375 relation id is not initialized after add_to_$relname open 3 years ago
101435 some things in runtime-requires that belong in test-requires stalled Unimportant 3 years ago
99546 DateTime inflation does not preserve formatter information open 3 years ago 0.08270
63709 relationship where attrs are ignored when prefetching a rel open Normal 3 years ago
64679 find_or_create converts subselects to NULLs open Normal 3 years ago 0.08124
94387 Allow -ident => $col to be passed to the 'select' resultset attribute new 4 years ago
88610 exception_action behavior distinction in create vs populate open 4 years ago
84460 hope support async option just like DBIx::custom new Normal 5 years ago
83767 confusing bits in DBIx::Class::Manual::Intro open 5 years ago
83770 confusing bits in DBIx::Class::Manual::Intro [2] new 5 years ago
83712 RFC: rename belongs_to to refers_to open 5 years ago
80431 request for creating a new DBIx::Class:Storage driver for Oracle ODBC open Wishlist 5 years ago
81066 BLOB Support for SQLite with sqlite_unicode = 1 open Wishlist 5 years ago
81376 Can I get original exceprion text out of txn_do ? open 5 years ago
79774 Ordered race conditions new Wishlist 5 years ago
77292 Use defined() to check for Result object existance open Normal 5 years ago 0.08196
74706 [Meta] Necessary milestones for fat-packable DBIx::Class stalled Normal 6 years ago
39121 hierarchical queries - Postgres WITH stalled Wishlist 6 years ago
69482 Schema deployment masks errors stalled Wishlist 6 years ago
69714 ResultSet update_all updated rows not reflected in ResultSet, can "lose" rows stalled 6 years ago 0.08192
67225 Need ability to add indexes without foreign key constraints stalled Normal 7 years ago
64205 as_subselect_rs does not handle joined selects open 7 years ago
64756 Missing ability to set storage flags on per-resultset basis open Normal 7 years ago
59659 quoting bit fields breaks them stalled 7 years ago 0.08121
56744 Issues when using prepare_chached in the presence of pg-bouncer stalled Unimportant 7 years ago 0.08120
59764 as_subselect_rs with a paged & prefetched rs wont work (only pg tested) stalled Normal 7 years ago 0.08123
63843 Inconsistent SQL equivalence in Manual::Cookbook illustrating 'select' and 'as' open Normal 7 years ago
59222 Unnecessary pre-reconstruction on insert open 7 years ago
58551 relations in non-inserted objects not accessible new Normal 7 years ago 0.08123
47005 txn_do should provide a way to disable retry open 8 years ago
40701 delete_related doesn't allow object like create_related does stalled Wishlist 9 years ago 0.08010
43075 InflateColumn::DateTime deflates differently in select and insert stalled Wishlist 9 years ago 0.08010

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