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This queue is for tickets about the DBD-Pg CPAN distribution.




ID Subject Status Severity Last Updated Broken in Fixed in
120358 bug report/patch (v3.5.3) new 30 hours ago
120269 :: Deal of the day new 10 days ago
120268 Support DBI's PrintErrorStatement = 1 new 10 days ago
106858 New feature: pg_canonical_X new 8 weeks ago
117082 Relative path issue new 6 months ago
105492 Poor performance with large amounts of placeholders. open 7 months ago
116172 Is it possible to know is sth was prepared with pg_async or not? open Wishlist 7 months ago
116179 Tests skipped with: invalid connection option "client_encoding" new 7 months ago 3.5.0_1
107248 please document bug about slow first connect call on windows open 8 months ago
114000 Preparing a statement containing \? corrupts even literal strings, causing bad SQL later. new 10 months ago
113683 Invalid handling numbers new 11 months ago
113676 Autocommit off makes async mode useless new 11 months ago
112309 $DBDPG_DEFAULT doesn't seem to work properly open 1 years ago
110408 Document how to include attributes containing spaces in the DSN new 1 years ago
109591 client_min_messages FATAL Borks errstr new 1 years ago
109244 BEGIN READ ONLY new 1 years ago
108236 result leak in pg_db_putcopyend new 1 years ago
19488 Support of cursor concept open Wishlist 1 years ago 1.49
107763 connect() not accepting dbname in attrs hash new 1 years ago
107716 Test failure in DBD-Pg-3.5.3 new 1 years ago
107556 read-only undef returned for NULLs in arrays new 1 years ago
106604 Bug: $dbh->get_info() has bad sprintf() patched 2 years ago
105919 Add multiple row inserts to execute_array? new Wishlist 2 years ago
54224 pg_expand_array doesn't work for custom data types open Wishlist 2 years ago
103137 inconsistencies with UTF-8 handling new 2 years ago
102444 number of affected rows out of integer range open 2 years ago
102245 Warnings and errors don't have the UTF-8 flag turned on stalled 2 years ago
52441 last_insert_id() breaks when using table inheritance open Normal 2 years ago
93636 Dollar Quoting is being triggered in the middle of a identifier open 2 years ago 2.99.9_2
100407 Number of row fields inconsistent with NUM_OF_FIELDS (driver bug) open 2 years ago 3.4.2
96388 undefined symbol: lo_truncate for Postgres older than 8.3 new 3 years ago
61531 t/02attribs.t fails because failed ping returns a SQLSTATE code of 22000 stalled 3 years ago 2.17.1
93266 DBD::Pg to set the fetch size open Wishlist 3 years ago
92715 Unable to install DBD:Pg on Mac 10.9.1 open 3 years ago
92733 DBD::Pg-3.0.0 Test Hangs on Win32 Strawberry Perl new 3 years ago
69664 segfault in pg_warn() open 3 years ago
90448 Oddness with pg_lo_import_with_oid open Important 3 years ago
54113 Add support for lo_truncate() function open Wishlist 3 years ago 2.16.1
43931 Support for Composite Type open Wishlist 3 years ago 2.11.8
41690 Test Failure while calling pg_cancel stalled Normal 3 years ago
55772 Add the support for hstore type introduced in new postgres stalled 3 years ago
59480 DBD::Pg segfault near dbdimp.c:312 under mod_perl w/stacktrace open Critical 3 years ago 2.17.1
53879 DBD::Pg object version v2.16.1 does not match bootstrap parameter 2.16.1 stalled Critical 3 years ago 2.16.1
36728 Pg.dll crashing apache on Windows stalled Unimportant 3 years ago 1.49
61977 set_err() does not work stalled 3 years ago 2.15.1
58358 Unable to compile on OpenSolaris b134 stalled 3 years ago
83057 Odd warning at script exit stalled Normal 3 years ago
88195 Allow seeking over results stalled Wishlist 3 years ago
88332 'RAISE NOTICE' does not set $sth->err stalled 3 years ago
57695 DBD::Pg unconditionally rolling back destroyed statements on destroy (in pg_st_deallocate_statement) stalled Unimportant 6 years ago 2.17.1

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