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This queue is for tickets about the Class-Std CPAN distribution.




ID Subject Status Severity Last Updated Broken in Fixed in
95834 New Bug: DEMOLISH doesn't forward exception if eval is used inthere open 4 years ago
80549 Carp exceptions are discarded during DEMOLISH processing? open 4 years ago
56865 Documentation typo: is -> this patched Unimportant 4 years ago 0.0.9
78196 t/pod.t fails due to encoding error patched Important 4 years ago 0.011
94088 multiple failures on perl 5.19.10 new 5 years ago
90352 Class::Std breaks AnyEvent new Critical 6 years ago 0.011
14431 subtle bug created by wrapping UNIVERSAL::can open Normal 7 years ago 0.0.4
56567 Initialization failure with init_arg (possible race condition) open 9 years ago
56925 'used only once' warning from DESTROY open Normal 9 years ago 0.0.9
46409 Method can't be PROTECTED and CUMULATIVE simultaneously new Normal 10 years ago 0.0.9
46381 MODIFY_CODE_ATTRIBUTES consumes even unsupported attributes open Normal 10 years ago 0.0.9
14250 No Class::Std behaviours for runtime loaded classes open Normal 10 years ago 0.0.4
44095 warning Called UNIVERSAL::can() as a function, not a method open 10 years ago
43352 Documentation issue (trivial, but severely misleading) new 10 years ago
37788 _DUMP method will produce corrupt output with newlines in attribute values. new Normal 11 years ago 0.0.9
35991 moved checking for existing _hierarchy of into DEST (patch) new 11 years ago
34533 perl 5.6.2 + ??? t/coercions.t numeric coercion failure new Unimportant 11 years ago 0.0.9
20715 Order of package and use Class:Std and "Invalid HASH attribute: ATTR" open 11 years ago
20019 Simpler validation of data values during init and "set_" open Wishlist 11 years ago
13964 Bug in Class::Std CUMULATIVE methods using shift(@_) open Normal 11 years ago 0.0.2
27630 CUMULATIVE(BASE FIRST) methods don't get any arguments passed to them, including $self open Normal 12 years ago v0.0.8
18747 croak reports in the context of Class::Std instead of caller open Normal 12 years ago v0.0.8
25969 AUTOMETHOD sees different address for attributes open Important 12 years ago v0.0.8
25318 :init_get alias for :init_arg and :get only new Wishlist 12 years ago v0.0.8
24998 DEMOLISH fails when using my $self = shift new 12 years ago
21186 Documentation doesn't address use of Class::Std in a derived class of a base that does not use it new Important 13 years ago v0.0.8
20966 No way to set a superclass constructor argument from a derived class open Wishlist 13 years ago
18560 A derived class built before a basic class open Important 13 years ago v0.0.8
16525 Incompatible with Perl6::Export::Attrs new Normal 14 years ago 0.0.4
14782 Class::Std does noet work with mod_perl new Normal 14 years ago 0.0.4
14343 New CHAIN method attribute new Wishlist 14 years ago 0.0.4
14060 ID/refaddr and thread/fork safety new Important 14 years ago 0.0.4
14048 Coercions fail if the object is created during BEGIN new Important 14 years ago 0.0.4
14061 apply :init_arg and :default before BUILD new Wishlist 14 years ago 0.0.4

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