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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
95834 New Bug: DEMOLISH doesn't forward exception if eval is used inthere open 6 years ago
80549 Carp exceptions are discarded during DEMOLISH processing? open 6 years ago
56865 Documentation typo: is -> this patched Unimportant 6 years ago 0.0.9
78196 t/pod.t fails due to encoding error patched Important 6 years ago 0.011
94088 multiple failures on perl 5.19.10 new 7 years ago
90352 Class::Std breaks AnyEvent new Critical 7 years ago 0.011
14431 subtle bug created by wrapping UNIVERSAL::can open Normal 9 years ago
  • 0.0.4
  • 0.0.9
  • 0.011
56567 Initialization failure with init_arg (possible race condition) open 11 years ago
56925 'used only once' warning from DESTROY open Normal 11 years ago 0.0.9
46409 Method can't be PROTECTED and CUMULATIVE simultaneously new Normal 12 years ago 0.0.9
46381 MODIFY_CODE_ATTRIBUTES consumes even unsupported attributes open Normal 12 years ago 0.0.9
14250 No Class::Std behaviours for runtime loaded classes open Normal 12 years ago 0.0.4
44095 warning Called UNIVERSAL::can() as a function, not a method open 12 years ago
43352 Documentation issue (trivial, but severely misleading) new 12 years ago
37788 _DUMP method will produce corrupt output with newlines in attribute values. new Normal 13 years ago
  • 0.0.9
  • v0.0.8
35991 moved checking for existing _hierarchy of into DEST (patch) new 13 years ago
34533 perl 5.6.2 + ??? t/coercions.t numeric coercion failure new Unimportant 13 years ago 0.0.9
20715 Order of package and use Class:Std and "Invalid HASH attribute: ATTR" open 13 years ago
20019 Simpler validation of data values during init and "set_" open Wishlist 13 years ago
13964 Bug in Class::Std CUMULATIVE methods using shift(@_) open Normal 13 years ago 0.0.2
27630 CUMULATIVE(BASE FIRST) methods don't get any arguments passed to them, including $self open Normal 14 years ago v0.0.8
18747 croak reports in the context of Class::Std instead of caller open Normal 14 years ago v0.0.8
25969 AUTOMETHOD sees different address for attributes open Important 14 years ago v0.0.8
25318 :init_get alias for :init_arg and :get only new Wishlist 14 years ago v0.0.8
24998 DEMOLISH fails when using my $self = shift new 14 years ago
21186 Documentation doesn't address use of Class::Std in a derived class of a base that does not use it new Important 15 years ago v0.0.8
20966 No way to set a superclass constructor argument from a derived class open Wishlist 15 years ago
18560 A derived class built before a basic class open Important 15 years ago v0.0.8
16525 Incompatible with Perl6::Export::Attrs new Normal 15 years ago 0.0.4
14782 Class::Std does noet work with mod_perl new Normal 15 years ago 0.0.4
14343 New CHAIN method attribute new Wishlist 16 years ago 0.0.4
14060 ID/refaddr and thread/fork safety new Important 16 years ago 0.0.4
14048 Coercions fail if the object is created during BEGIN new Important 16 years ago 0.0.4
14061 apply :init_arg and :default before BUILD new Wishlist 16 years ago 0.0.4

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