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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
129076 Tests fail (without a mysql db?) new 2 years ago 1.00
34424 Fails install test open Normal 4 years ago 1.00
119579 After upgrade of ubuntu, can't insert new items into any Class::DBI table through "insert" statements that have no primary key id new 4 years ago
47323 license for Class::DBI::mysql new 12 years ago
46541 Install conflict with p5-Class-DBI-mysql-1.00 open 12 years ago
41308 test t/mysql.t failed to insert rows in test database on windows new Normal 12 years ago 1.00
28390 Strange problem with set_up_table new 14 years ago
20644 BUG: Autoinflate of timestamps broken when using MySQL >= 4.1 new 15 years ago
19721 Active statement handle warning with new DBD::mysql open Important 15 years ago 1.00
19303 set_up_table() croaks on views with message "$table has no primary key" (with patch) open Important 15 years ago 1.00
18647 Time::Piece::MySQL warnings new Normal 15 years ago 1.00
18031 column_is_nullable method open 15 years ago
16733 Patch: Small bug in Class::DBI::mysql with regards to column_type and column names with capital letters new 15 years ago
16142 Bug retrieving table details if table name is a reserved word new 15 years ago
9181 class::dbi::mysql time::piece inflation exceptions new Wishlist 16 years ago
12971 set_vals method (just like enum_vals) new Wishlist 16 years ago
12150 bug in enum_vals() new Normal 16 years ago 0.23
6485 Environment variables set during make test new Wishlist 17 years ago

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