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This queue is for tickets about the CAM-PDF CPAN distribution.




ID Subject Status Severity Last Updated Broken in Fixed in
131148 Merged PDFs with extended features throws "extended features no longer available" warning in Reader new 10 months ago
128120 Invalid quote character checking in CAM::PDF::PageText new 2 years ago
126936 Patch for CAM::PDF::getStringWidth to handle Type0 fonts new 2 years ago
125299 CAM::PDF $pdf->fillFormFields(%data ); Field content not visible / printed open 2 years ago
124624 Bug with none color at fillFormFields new 3 years ago
124550 timegm should be called with 4-digit year new Normal 3 years ago 1.60
123712 Fix for "decodeOne", to allow "decodeAll" to work new 3 years ago 1.60
121949 A patch to "downgrade" the q - Q pair of operators from "block forming" status open 3 years ago
122890 fillFormFields() aligment bug + small FIX new 3 years ago
121948 A patch for more robust text extraction open 3 years ago
120952 Constructor parameter (file name) should not be re-used 'as is' to receive file content new 3 years ago 1.60
120793 #120773 open 3 years ago
120494 _fixDecodePNG works wrongly for multibyte sample sizes new 4 years ago
120409 Freed xref entries do not form linked list new 4 years ago
86863 CAM::PDF 1.58 "Expected object open tag" open 4 years ago
120322 Reads the entire file into memory open 4 years ago
120321 Does not follow PDF whitespace definition new 4 years ago
103863 CAM::PDF This stream is too complex for me to write open 4 years ago
114811 [PATCH] fix spelling mistakes new 4 years ago
98231 occasional issues within (version 1.58) new 6 years ago
97560 Fail with decoded paths new 6 years ago
93903 Can't use string null as a HASH ref at CAM/ line 3462. new 7 years ago
92624 CAM::PDF clone change from eval of Data::Dumper to Storable dclone new 7 years ago
90304 - Type=XObject is optional new 7 years ago
88906 PATCH for append page content on array of reference of stream obj new 7 years ago
88577 Expected stream open tag new 7 years ago
86077 CAM::PDF Error Extracting Text From a PDF Page new 7 years ago
84419 Can get unicode text? open 7 years ago
83698 bug in CAM::PDF open 8 years ago
79300 Impossible to modify form PDF issues from CAM::PDF new Important 8 years ago 1.58
78727 problems found handling some PDF files - here is a possible solution to the issues I found. new 8 years ago
76513 When saving, generation number of object is incremented, though it shouldn't. open 8 years ago
74018 Blank page output after encrypt open 9 years ago
61354 Unable to check/uncheck "checkbox" fields! open Important 10 years ago 1.52
58944 script proposal new Wishlist 10 years ago
58144 Interactive forms - Fully qualified field names, text font size, and interactive form dictionary new 10 years ago 1.52
56967 replacing JPGs: works on Win32, doesn't on Linux new 10 years ago
56754 (No subject) new Normal 10 years ago 1.52
53698 Error Bad request for object HASH(0xe927170) at position 0 in the file open Critical 11 years ago 1.52
53040 Encrypted PDF 1.5 files new 11 years ago
53260 Two parsing errors new 11 years ago
51250 Problem with appendPDF open Critical 11 years ago 1.52
52070 Bug? open 11 years ago
50780 CAM::PDF new 11 years ago
50173 uninitialized value warnings in Text/PDF/ open 11 years ago
49766 "Use of uninitialized value" line 2347 when processing some PDFs open 11 years ago
49839 Unrecognized type in parseAny: errors with %PDF-1.3 ReportLab Generated PDF document open Normal 11 years ago 1.52
43790 (No subject) open Normal 12 years ago 1.52
42526 Parse error on PDFs from Adobe InDesign open Normal 12 years ago
34180 Opening encrypted PDFs open Normal 12 years ago 1.12
28763 Encrypted PDFs without an ID open 13 years ago

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