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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
134167 problem with large files: pax and/or xattrs new 3 months ago
127139 Overly strict check on null bytes at end of tar header new 3 years ago
125523 CVE-2018-12015 directory traversal vulnerability open Critical 3 years ago 2.26
124543 timelocal should be called with 4-digit year new Normal 3 years ago 2.24
121685 [PATCH] enable symlink testing new 4 years ago
121246 checksum errors and file names cut off after 100 characters even with $Archive::Tar::DO_NOT_USE_PREFIX=1 new 4 years ago
119949 list_files() sometimes removes trailing '/' from directories new 4 years ago
118476 09_roundtrip failure in Solaris with 2.14 new Normal 4 years ago 2.14
118512 STDERR noise in t/09_roundtrip.t new 5 years ago
118440 Archive::Tar 2.12 fails on MS Windows / perl-5.24.1-RC4 new 5 years ago
97748 Archive::Tar doesn’t allow creation of an archive with leading / open 5 years ago
104196 Archive::Tar extract method returns file objects, not file names open 5 years ago
56253 tar files from github are not extracted properly open Critical 5 years ago 1.58
114602 Archive::Tar 2.04 new 5 years ago
107554 Fwd: Problem with ptardiff (or Archive::Tar) new 6 years ago
105324 Busybox support ($Archive::Tar::ZERO_PAD_NUMBERS for checksum) broken new Important 6 years ago
104087 Archive::Tar giving Out Of Memory error on 32 bit perl new Important 6 years ago 2.04
103279 Archive::Tar strips trailing whitespace from extracted file names open 6 years ago
101642 Hardlink creation called with relative path new 6 years ago
101640 Hardlinks with long names confuse extraction new 6 years ago
64696 disabling in-memory? open 6 years ago
100903 [PATCH] fix ptargrep match new 6 years ago
72219 a ptarfilter (ptarmap, ptarsplit) application, please? new 9 years ago
70999 Tar of FOLLOWed symlink fails new Critical 10 years ago
69683 Documentation: using error() as a class method? new 10 years ago 1.76
69682 Documentation: 2nd argument in extract_archive function new 10 years ago 1.76
68322 Archive::Tar memory usage during extraction new 10 years ago
63507 Archive::Tar problem with filenames on different OS. new 10 years ago
58636 New Bug: Archive::Tar->extract_archive() does not return proper exit code open 11 years ago
56047 Re: Archive::Tar derivative Archive::Tar::StreamingPile Author Credit new 11 years ago
54868 Out of memory error open Important 11 years ago 1.54
50669 Cannot untar CEESHEK/CGI-Application-Plugin-Authentication-0.14.tar.gz open Normal 12 years ago 1.54
49782 Directories timestamp at extract time ( Windows) new Normal 12 years ago
46899 Why is $SAME_PERMISSIONS on for the root user? open Unimportant 12 years ago
25018 Archive::Tar doesn't handle garbage at the end of archives properly stalled 14 years ago
18720 [PATCH] Archive::Tar creates POSIX style tar files unnecessarily and by default, leading to compatibility problems particularly with WinZip. stalled Critical 15 years ago
  • 0.99_01
  • 1.29
13329 dir names doubled in path during 'nmake test' stalled Normal 15 years ago 1.24

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