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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
125260 Archive::Extract version 0.80 unexpected return value of extract_path() method open 3 years ago
53240 No error from extract() at unexpected EOF open 4 years ago
  • 0.78
  • 0.72
61398 extract() returns true even in cases of error new 4 years ago
118850 extract_archive() returns true even in cases of error new 4 years ago 0.78
109077 unpacking second archive fails after a problem in first new Normal 5 years ago 0.76
106852 support rar and 7z archives new 6 years ago
106368 wishlist: LHA support new Wishlist 6 years ago
104121 Is Archive::Tar preferred or required? new 6 years ago 0.74
102046 Fwd: Problems with Archive::Extract new 6 years ago
94200 Out of memory new 7 years ago
84791 Archive::Extract does not fail gracefully when trying to overwrite a read-only file on Windows new 8 years ago
81541 Testing PREFER_BIN and Windows new 8 years ago
61385 Unknown Type Leads to No Error new 11 years ago
52639 extract() a little confused by a tarball with nothing in it open Normal 11 years ago
  • 0.34
  • 0.36
52640 Make all the globals object attributes open Wishlist 11 years ago 0.36
53241 Add an autodie feature new Wishlist 11 years ago 0.36
47365 Archive::Extract does not validate that the ->extract_path is usable stalled Normal 12 years ago
45671 Extracting archives while using threads open 12 years ago
39554 Must set $Archive::Tar::CHOWN, not $Archive::Tar::Constant::CHOWN stalled Important 12 years ago
32331 tests may fail on Win32 when IPC::Run is installed, Archive::Tar is not, and tar.exe exists stalled Normal 13 years ago 0.24
32336 [PATCH] support to .lzma files stalled 13 years ago

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