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IOANR, spang


IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
96344 many test failures preventing installation (Ubuntu Linux, Perl v5.18.2) new 7 years ago 0.75
86399 t/sd-github/basic.t hangs new Important 8 years ago 0.75
83232 sd help config gives wrong option new 8 years ago
81187 'SystemError (for transaction 999534)' cloning from CPAN RT open 8 years ago
75946 Error when cloning from github open Important 9 years ago 0.75
75945 Editing the bug database always aborts new Important 9 years ago 0.75
72886 Please import github wiki pages into the files on gitorious open 9 years ago
60084 Implement OSLC-CM consumer to sync to any compliant tracker open Wishlist 9 years ago 0.74
71381 Would be great to have compatibility to debbugs new Wishlist 10 years ago
67018 Fails to pull from trac new 10 years ago
65919 Web UI displays empty page when component's name contains a space new 10 years ago
65914 Trac clone fails when the login contains special chars new 10 years ago
65777 unable to sync sd bugs following instructions open Normal 10 years ago
52377 Sd needs a way to specify colours in the summary new Wishlist 10 years ago
61022 wishlist: relationships between bugs new Wishlist 10 years ago
50269 Please add automatic typo correction for commands open Wishlist 10 years ago
63085 Re: [ #15272] RT cookie expiration new 10 years ago
60456 Fails to sync to open Normal 10 years ago 0.74
62534 Be more friendly to users, translate to luid, from uuid internally. open 10 years ago
60361 curl|perl fails building cpan-XML-Parser open 11 years ago
59670 Would be great if sd init could detect email from /etc/email-addresses open Wishlist 11 years ago 0.74
49823 traceback pushing to trac, and tickets not pushed. open 12 years ago
49374 Bug syncing from Hiveminder new 12 years ago
49115 Using EDITOR='emacsclient -c' fails from interactive shell open 12 years ago
49048 warnings when pushing to github, issue not pushed new Normal 12 years ago 0.70
49047 Having issues getting hm to sync (no example in help sync) open Normal 12 years ago 0.69_01

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