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IDSubjectStatusSeverityLast UpdatedBroken inFixed in
99727 New user got "Internal server error" when adding a note new 7 years ago
92919 AppConfig required for test, but not included in reqs new Normal 7 years ago 0.22
79667 +/- ratings buttons for each paragraph open Wishlist 9 years ago
79668 carry forward notes about paragraphs that haven't changed new Normal 9 years ago
45847 POD entities not interpreted new Important 12 years ago
31963 It is impossible to search for modules or distributions which start with "Pod..." new Normal 13 years ago 0.22
31170 Obfuscated email view not really obfuscated open 13 years ago
28482 AnnoCPAN Net::LDAP borked.... new 14 years ago
28100 AnnoCPAN::DBI::PodVer can't SELECT ... new Normal 14 years ago
22067 AnnoCPAN and "=encoding" or default iso8859-1 encoding new Normal 15 years ago
22012 Misplaced notes: new Normal 15 years ago 0.22
21059 =head1 Name.. confuses AnnoCPAN new Normal 15 years ago
20051 =items do not become anchors new Normal 15 years ago 0.22
19922 error opening page open Normal 15 years ago
17972 RPM::Constant no funciona new Critical 15 years ago
16692 Email obfuscation improvement suggestion new Wishlist 15 years ago
15530 AnnoCPAN problems with outdated notes - administrative control open Important 15 years ago
14853 Orphan notes not deleted automatically open Unimportant 16 years ago 0.22
13505 RSS feeds by author, module or distribution open Wishlist 16 years ago
13833 Better support for pod list items new Wishlist 16 years ago
13623 Add table of contents at the top of each document new Wishlist 16 years ago
13612 Allow the creation of notes for only one version or a version range of a module new Wishlist 16 years ago
13602 Show only the latest development perl. new Normal 16 years ago

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