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Id: 96813
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Queue: Crypt-Random-Seed

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Severity: Wishlist
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Subject: [Win32] Dependency upon Win32::API is not ideal
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text/plain 1.2k
Hi Dana, Dave, I'd prefer to see CryptGenRandom and RtlGenRandom called via XSubs - thereby removing the Win32::API dependency. Win32::API certainly filled a role back in the day when Windows machines typically were missing a C compiler. But now that those days have gone, I don't see why one would prefer to build and install Win32::API in preference to compiling XSubs. While Win32-API-0.77 (current stable) builds straight out of the box on Strawberry Perls, it won't do so on those 64-bit perls built using a mingw64 cross-compiler. This is not actually the fault of Win32::API. I think it's that EU::MM doesn't realize that "as.exe" is actually named "x86_64-w64-mingw32-as.exe" - and I'll file a bug report against EU::MM for that when I've worked out the patch. It is, of course, quite easy to work around this problem - one simply creates a copy of "x86_64-w64-mingw32-as.exe" named "as.exe" and Win32-API-0.77 then builds fine. In the interests of advancing the replacement of Win32::API, I'm attaching '' which contains 2 XSubs - one that wraps RtlGenRandom and one that wraps CryptGenRandom. For your convenience, they come in the form of an Inline::C script. I'm rating this bug report as "wishlist" - which, to my mind, implies that you are quite free to ignore it completely ;-) Cheers, Rob
text/x-perl 1.7k
use strict; use warnings; use Devel::Peek; use Inline C => Config => BUILD_NOISY => 1, USING => 'ParseRegExp'; use Inline C => <<'EOC'; #include <wincrypt.h> /* needed for crypt_gen_random() but not for rtl_gen_random() */ SV * crypt_gen_random(unsigned long len) { SV * ret; char * buff; HCRYPTPROV prov = 0; if(!CryptAcquireContextA(&prov, 0, 0, PROV_RSA_FULL, CRYPT_SILENT | CRYPT_VERIFYCONTEXT)) croak("Call to CryptAcquireContextA() failed"); Newx(buff, len, char); if(buff == NULL) { CryptReleaseContext(&prov, 0); croak ("Failed to allocate memory for buffer"); } if(!CryptGenRandom(prov, len, buff)) { Safefree(buff); CryptReleaseContext(&prov, 0); croak("Call to CryptGenRandom() failed"); } ret = newSVpv(buff, len); Safefree(buff); CryptReleaseContext(&prov, 0); return ret; } SV * rtl_gen_random(unsigned long len) { SV * ret; unsigned long i; char * buff; Newx(buff, len, char); if(buff == 0) croak ("Failed to allocate memory for 'buff'"); HMODULE hLib=LoadLibrary("ADVAPI32.DLL"); if (hLib) { BOOLEAN (APIENTRY *pfn)(void*, ULONG) = (BOOLEAN (APIENTRY *)(void*,ULONG))GetProcAddress(hLib,"SystemFunction036"); if(pfn(buff,len)) ret = newSVpv(buff, len); else { FreeLibrary(hLib); croak("Call to 'SystemFunction036' failed"); } FreeLibrary(hLib); } else { croak("Failed to load ADVAPI32.dll"); } Safefree(buff); return ret; } EOC my $c = crypt_gen_random(100); print "$c\n", length($c), "\n"; Dump($c); my $r = rtl_gen_random(100); print "\n$r\n", length($r), "\n"; Dump($r);
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text/plain 379b
Hmmm ... Checking this on my XP laptop, I find that the 3 calls to CryptReleaseContext(&prov, 0); should instead be CryptReleaseContext(prov, 0); A bug in the version of Inline::C that I was using (0.55) prevented the appearance of the "passing arg 1 of `CryptReleaseContext' makes integer from pointer without a cast" warning that the first rendition produces. Cheers, Rob

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