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Subject: initial CPAN setup
downloaded file cpan-1.76.tar.gz and ran gzip and untar commands after that perl Makefile.Pl PREFIX=/opt/ars/DBperl make make install looks like all went OK , installed under /opt/ars/DBperl Now what i would like install some packages issued perl -MCPAN -e 'install DBI' after some default messages , isee these and added my response as Your ftp_proxy? Your http_proxy? Your no_proxy? If your proxy is an authenticating proxy, you can store your username permanently. If you do not want that, just press RETURN. You will then be asked for your username in every future session. Your proxy user id? You have no /ar/.cpan/sources/MIRRORED.BY I'm trying to fetch one LWP not available CPAN: Net::FTP loaded ok Fetching with Net::FTP: Fetching with Net::FTP Issuing "/usr/bin/ftp -n" from here it is not connecting at all am i doing anything wrong here perl version 5.6.1 on solaris9 and we have a firewall first needs connection ( without username and password). is there any place we can predefine PREFIX and ftp and http gateways. any help geatly appreciated. Thanks Naidu
Sorry for the long delay, I have only recently started to use RT.
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> is there any place we can predefine PREFIX and ftp and http gateways.
For gsteways we have the {ftp,http,no}_proxy variables, for PREFIX we have make_install_arg variable. To determine where things go wrong, it is necessary to find out how connections to the outside world do work without Only then we can determine if supports this setup of your firewall. Please retry with a recent version and reopen this bug ticket if you still have problems and please support some concise information how your firewall works and how you go through it *without* Thanks!

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