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Id: 94898
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Subject: Potential problem with binary strings an Queue::Q::ReliableFIFO::Redis
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2014 20:22:40 -0400
To: bug-Queue-Q [...]
From: Philip Gladstone <philip [...]>
I just installed Queue::Q from CPAN. Version 0.23 On the enqueuing side: while (my $otheraddr = $sock->recv($pkt, 4096)) { $q->enqueue_item({ remaddr => $otheraddr, rxtime => time(), packet => $pkt }); } In particular, this is an IPv4 socket, so the $otheraddr is always 16 bytes. On the dequeue side: $item = $q->claim_item(); my $data = $item->data; my $remaddr = $data->{remaddr}; Now, $remaddr is no longer 16 bytes. From doing some experimenting, it may be a UTF8 issue with JSON::XS. The following test program shows the problem: #!/usr/bin/perl # use strict; use JSON::XS; use Data::Dumper; my $a = "{\"b\":{\"remaddr\":\"\\u0002\\u0000\\u00042\x{c3}\x{8f}vj\@\\u0000\\u0000\\u0000\\u0000\\u0000\\u0000\\u0000\\u0000\"},\"t\":1397921344}"; my $b = decode_json $a; my $d = $b->{b}; my $b2 = JSON::XS->new->pretty(0)->decode($a); my $d2 = $b2->{b}; print Dumper($d, length($d->{remaddr})); print Dumper($d2, length($d2->{remaddr})); This generates the output: $VAR1 = { 'remaddr' => "2\x{cf}vj\@" }; $VAR2 = 16; $VAR1 = { 'remaddr' => "2\x{c3}\x{8f}vj\@" }; $VAR2 = 17; The utf8 version of the decoder generates something that is the right length, while the non-utf8 version does not (and this is the version used in Queue::Q::ReliableFIFO::Item). I am not sufficiently versed in the mysteries of perl and utf8 to know what the issue is. If you add the following block to the end of test_claim_fifo (in t/lib/Queue/Q/ my $a = pack("C*", 28, 29, 30); $q->enqueue_item($a); $item = $q->claim_item(); $q->mark_item_as_done($item); is($item->data, $a, "verify roundtrip: " . join(',', unpack("C*", $a))); $a = pack("C*", 128, 129, 130); $q->enqueue_item($a); $item = $q->claim_item(); $q->mark_item_as_done($item); is($item->data, $a, "verify roundtrip: " . join(',', unpack("C*", $a))); then the second test will fail (and the first succeed) (assuming that you have a redis server to work with). Philip

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