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Subject: SEGV in msiexec.exe installing strawberry-perl-
Tried to install strawberry-perl- on Server 2003 R2 x64. Got a SEGV after clicking Install button. I have an older Strawberry Perl at C:\sp3216, MSI/Add or Remove Programs recognized, I tried to install the new Strawberry Perl at C:\sp32163. ---------------------------------------- Unhandled exception at 0x0000000400000000 in msiexec.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation at location 0x0000000400000000. ---------------------------------------- Call stack. ----------------------------------------
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> 0000000400000000()
msi.dll!CMsiVolume::GetPath() + 0x13 bytes msi.dll!CMsiPath::GetFullFilePath() + 0x57 bytes msi.dll!CMsiPath::FileExists() + 0x59 bytes msi.dll!CMsiEngine::DoStateTransitionForSharedInstalls() + 0x45c bytes msi.dll!CMsiEngine::SetComponent() + 0x9b8 bytes msi.dll!CMsiEngine::RecostDirectory() + 0x706 bytes msi.dll!CMsiEngine::SetTargetPath() + 0x814 bytes msihnd.dll!CMsiDialog::TargetPathEvent() + 0x505 bytes msihnd.dll!CMsiDialog::HandleEvent() + 0x4b9 bytes msihnd.dll!CMsiDialog::ControlActivated() + 0x3f9 bytes msihnd.dll!CMsiDialog::WindowProc() + 0x753 bytes user32.dll!UserCallWinProcCheckWow() + 0x14c bytes user32.dll!SendMessageWorker() + 0x16a bytes user32.dll!SendMessageW() - 0x1b555 bytes comctl32.dll!Button_ReleaseCapture() + 0x14f bytes comctl32.dll!Button_WndProc() + 0xd51 bytes user32.dll!UserCallWinProcCheckWow() + 0x14c bytes user32.dll!CallWindowProcAorW() + 0xb1 bytes user32.dll!CallWindowProcW() + 0x1b bytes msihnd.dll!CMsiControl::ControlProc() + 0x279 bytes user32.dll!UserCallWinProcCheckWow() + 0x14c bytes user32.dll!DispatchMessageWorker() + 0x14c bytes user32.dll!IsDialogMessageW() - 0x7f16 bytes msihnd.dll!CMsiDialog::Execute() + 0x100 bytes msihnd.dll!CMsiHandler::RunWizard() + 0x75b bytes msihnd.dll!CMsiHandler::DoAction() + 0x831 bytes msi.dll!MsiUIMessageContext::ProcessMessage() + 0x1545 bytes msi.dll!MsiUIMessageContext::RunInstall() + 0x674 bytes msi.dll!RunEngine() + 0x1d3 bytes msi.dll!MsiInstallProductW() + 0xf2 bytes msiexec.exe!DoInstallPackage() + 0x1ca bytes msiexec.exe!InstallPackage() + 0x33 bytes msiexec.exe!ServerMain() + 0x1069 bytes msiexec.exe!WinMain() + 0x30 bytes msiexec.exe!LoadSystemLibrary() + 0x46b bytes kernel32.dll!BaseProcessStart() + 0x2c bytes --------------------------------------------- Attaching a msiexec log file.
Subject: msiexeclogfile.txt

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could you please test the latest msi ( on the same machine? msi was created with newer WiX Toolset which might make a difference.

At the first sight at logfile I have no idea what might be the reason of the crash here.

You knowledge in Win32 crash hunting probably much higher than mine so any help/ideas are welcome.

MSI installer was redesigned in 5.20.x series. Please try latest strawberry perl If no new response appears here I will close this ticked 2 weeks from now.

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