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This queue is for tickets about the devel-nytprof CPAN distribution.

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The Basics
Id: 88288
Status: resolved
Priority: 0/
Queue: devel-nytprof

Owner: Nobody in particular
Requestors: 'spro^^*%*^6ut# [...] &$%*c

Bug Information
Severity: (no value)
Broken in: (no value)
Fixed in: (no value)

Subject: [PATCH] Fix for perl 5.19.4-to-be
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text/plain 129b
In bleadperl, arrays now use NULL to represent nonexistent elements. &PL_sv_undef is no longer special. See the attached patch.
Subject: open_AFeVGrCp.txt
Download open_AFeVGrCp.txt
text/plain 1.6k
diff -rup Devel-NYTProf-5.05-1AnJY8-orig/NYTProf.xs Devel-NYTProf-5.05-1AnJY8/NYTProf.xs --- Devel-NYTProf-5.05-1AnJY8-orig/NYTProf.xs 2013-08-30 08:26:27.000000000 -0700 +++ Devel-NYTProf-5.05-1AnJY8/NYTProf.xs 2013-08-30 08:26:41.000000000 -0700 @@ -4004,7 +4004,7 @@ load_new_fid_callback(Loader_state_base SvPV_nolen(filename_sv), file_num, fmt_fid_flags(aTHX_ fid_flags, buf, sizeof(buf)), eval_file_num); /* so make it look like a real file instead of an eval */ - av_store(av, NYTP_FIDi_EVAL_FI, &PL_sv_undef); + av_store(av, NYTP_FIDi_EVAL_FI, NULL); eval_file_num = 0; eval_line_num = 0; } @@ -4018,7 +4018,7 @@ load_new_fid_callback(Loader_state_base } } else { - av_store(av, NYTP_FIDi_EVAL_FI, &PL_sv_undef); + av_store(av, NYTP_FIDi_EVAL_FI, NULL); } av_store(av, NYTP_FIDi_EVAL_FID, (eval_file_num) ? newSVuv(eval_file_num) : &PL_sv_no); av_store(av, NYTP_FIDi_EVAL_LINE, (eval_file_num) ? newSVuv(eval_line_num) : &PL_sv_no); @@ -4026,8 +4026,8 @@ load_new_fid_callback(Loader_state_base av_store(av, NYTP_FIDi_FLAGS, newSVuv(fid_flags)); av_store(av, NYTP_FIDi_FILESIZE, newSVuv(file_size)); av_store(av, NYTP_FIDi_FILEMTIME, newSVuv(file_mtime)); - av_store(av, NYTP_FIDi_PROFILE, &PL_sv_undef); - av_store(av, NYTP_FIDi_HAS_EVALS, &PL_sv_undef); + av_store(av, NYTP_FIDi_PROFILE, NULL); + av_store(av, NYTP_FIDi_HAS_EVALS, NULL); av_store(av, NYTP_FIDi_SUBS_DEFINED, newRV_noinc((SV*)newHV())); av_store(av, NYTP_FIDi_SUBS_CALLED, newRV_noinc((SV*)newHV())); }
Patched in 9ce226f. Thanks!

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