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Subject: cut Test::Parser memory usage by 90%
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2013 10:47:51 +0100
From: Nicholas Clark <>
TAP::Parser can use a lot of memory store the test results. A test run for blead needs 134M. Changing the storage representation for the common case (all tests pass) cuts this by over 90%. (The first patch) It, surprisingly, also reduces the run-time measurably, at least for larger test suites. Running blead's tests 9 ways on a modern 8 core machine it drops the runtime from 146s to 134s: Results from running dumbbench ./perl harness Before: cmd: Rounded run time per iteration: 1.4594e+02 +/- 3.8e-01 (0.3%) After: cmd: Rounded run time per iteration: 1.3387e+02 +/- 3.6e-01 (0.3%) I'm assuming that this is because it reduces pressure on the CPU L1 and L2 caches. It is consistent with what I remember finding when experimenting with parallel tests back in 2007 on the loaned Sun T1 - throughput maxed out at around 9 parallel streams, because more than that and the test aggregator process was maxing out its CPU, causing all the running tests to have to wait for it. The second patch reduces the memory usage a bit further, by forcing the test number to be stored as a number, not a string. It also drops the wallclock runtime a little bit more cmd: Rounded run time per iteration: 1.3281e+02 +/- 3.3e-01 (0.2%) but I'm not so sure whether it's worth it, as it's a "reasonable" amount of complication. suggests that nothing is actually subclassing either TAP::Parser or TAP::Parser::Gramar, so nothing should notice these changes. (There isn't even well behaved code using the accessors, let alone naughty code poking inside) I've tested these out as smoke-me/nicholas/TAP-Parser-diet and they aren't causing problems. Nicholas Clark

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Thanks for the patches. I'm comfortable with both. They've been applied and this has been uploaded as 3.27. Cheers, Ovid

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