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Subject: A workaround for unicode support in Archive::Zip 1.30
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text/plain 1.1k
Hi, I am using Archive::Zip module version 1.30. But in our project we have a requirement of having to create zip files with file names in non- english languages too. I looked at 1.31 but since it is a developer release, our company does not allow it to be used in production code. By looking at the source files of Archive::Zip 1.31 for files and, found that the difference is in passing the filename using Win32::GetLongPathName and bitwise OR'ing the 'bitFlag' with 0x0800 for the zip header. With this info, I changed my code to call addFileOrDirectory like this: $member = $zip->addFileOrDirectory( Win32::GetANSIPathName($filename), encode_utf8( Win32::GetLongPathName($filename) )); $member->{'bitFlag'} |= 0x0800; With this bit of code change, I am able to add files with non-english file names to a zip archive with Archive::Zip version 1.30. Could you kindly advise if this could be a workaround or if there is anything i'm missing? I have attached my source file. My apologies if I should not have raised a bug for this. I thought this could be the best place to get advise from authors directly.
text/x-perl 1.1k
use Win32::OLE qw(in); use Data::Dumper; use Archive::Zip; use Archive::Zip::Member; use Encode qw(decode encode); use File::Find::Rule; require Win32; require Encode; Encode->import( qw{ encode_utf8 decode_utf8 } ); use String::Random; $random = new String::Random; local $Archive::Zip::UNICODE = 1; print "Archive zip version = " . $Archive::Zip::VERSION . "\n"; $zip = Archive::Zip->new(); Win32::OLE->Option(CP => Win32::OLE::CP_UTF8); $obj = Win32::OLE->new('Scripting.FileSystemObject'); unlink ""; $folder = $obj->GetFolder("."); $collection = $folder->{Files}; foreach $value (in $collection) { $filename = %$value->{Name}; print "File name = " . Dumper($filename) . "\n"; print "ANSI Path name = " . Win32::GetANSIPathName($filename) . "\n"; print "Long Path name = " . encode_utf8( Win32::GetLongPathName($filename) ) . "\n"; $file = $obj->GetFile("$filename"); print (Win32::OLE->LastError() || "success\n\n"); $member = $zip->addFileOrDirectory( Win32::GetANSIPathName($filename), encode_utf8( Win32::GetLongPathName($filename) )); $member->{'bitFlag'} |= 0x0800; } $zip->writeToFileNamed("");
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text/plain 166b
Fixed setting bit 11 for all members in Does this solve your issue?
Fixed in 1.38 (headed to CPAN now).

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