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Id: 82942
Status: stalled
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Queue: DBI

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Severity: Important
Broken in: (no value)
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Subject: Cached statements hold strong references to bind values
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Attached find a test demonstrating a contrived but real case of circular reference leak. Clearing CachedKids makes the test pass, which made me assume the problem is as noted in the subject.
Subject: dbi_bindval_leak.t
use warnings; use strict; use Test::More; use DBI; use Scalar::Util 'weaken'; { package _Stringifying::Structure; use overload '""' => sub { 42 }; } my $weak_registry; { # the leak happens seemingly regardless of DBD used my $dbh = DBI->connect('dbi:SQLite::memory:', undef, undef, { AutoCommit => 1 }); #my $dbh = DBI->connect(@ENV{map { "DBICTEST_MYSQL_$_" } qw(DSN USER PASS)}, { AutoCommit => 1 }); my $sth = $dbh->prepare_cached('SELECT ?'); # this is a simplified example - think of a deeply nested set of objects that # *happen* to link to something that holds a ref to the current $dbh my $bindval = bless { reference_to_dbh => $dbh, }, '_Stringifying::Structure'; weaken ($weak_registry->{bindval} = $bindval); weaken ($weak_registry->{dbh} = $dbh); weaken ($weak_registry->{sth} = $sth); $sth->execute($bindval); is_deeply ($sth->fetchall_arrayref, [[ 42 ]], 'result brought back'); # this would make tests pass #%{$dbh->{CachedKids}} = (); } for (sort keys %$weak_registry) { ok (!defined $weak_registry->{$_}, "No leaks of $_"); } done_testing;
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