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After I've written a couple of classes inherited from XML::Simple, that override only the sorted_keys() method (because sometimes the order of tags matters), I've figured out an easy and generic way of doing that. It'd be nice to see it in XML::Simple itself, it seems to be quite in line with the way other options work. It can be described as =head2 SortMap => { list } I<# out - handy> This option allows to specify the order of tags in the XML, as generated by C<XMLout()>. The value of this option is a hash, the keys of which specify in what elements the special order will be used, and the value - another hash - maps child element names for sorting purposes. For example, the option SortMap => { list => { attr => 'zzz' } }' when used with this data structure: { attr => [ 10 ], list => [ { uid => [1], attr => ['a'] }, ] } will generate this XML: <opt> <attr>10</attr> <list> <uid>1</uid> <attr>a</attr> </list> </opt> note, that <attr> under <list> was sorted B<last>, while <attr> under <opt> was sorted B<first>. This happened because <attr>, was sorted alphabetically in <opt>, but was sorted as <zzz> inside <list>. =cut and the (simplified) implementation can be sub sorted_keys { my ($self, $name, $hashref) = @_; return sort keys %$hashref unless $self->{SortMap}; return sort keys %$hashref unless $self->{SortMap}->{$name}; my $map=$self->{SortMap}->{$name}; sub key($) { exists $map->{$_[0]} ? $map->{$_[0]} : $_[0] } return sort { key($a) cmp key($b) } keys %$hashref }
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Thanks for your suggestion. I'm closing this ticket because I don't wish to add additional features or options to XML::Simple and as you observed, users can achieve the desired effect by overriding the sorted_keys method. Regards Grant

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