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This queue is for tickets about the WWW-Mailman CPAN distribution.

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The Basics
Id: 78880
Status: new
Priority: 0/
Queue: WWW-Mailman

Owner: Nobody in particular
Requestors: bitcard [...]

Bug Information
Severity: Wishlist
Broken in: (no value)
Fixed in: (no value)

Subject: Problems settings/clearing options
Hi BooK, Thanks for your awesome WWW::Mailman module! This may not be a bug at all, but I'm not sure how else to report/ask these things. I've marked it as severity "wishlist". When I do this: $mm->admin( 'members/list' ); print $mm->robot->current_form->dump . "\n"; I get a list of subscriber email addresses and the settings which apply to each of them (i.e. 'mod', 'hide', etc), e.g.: ... me%40mydomain.com_mod=<UNDEF> (checkbox) [*<UNDEF>/off|off] me%40mydomain.com_hide=<UNDEF> (checkbox) [*<UNDEF>/off|off] ... That's all great, but if I want to change such settings as administrator (i.e. *without* logging on as each subscriber (mine don't even have passwords)), then I would have hoped I could do this: $mm->admin( 'members/list', { 'me%40mydomain.com_mod' => 'on' } ); or maybe this: $mm->admin( 'members/list', { 'me@mydomain.com_mod' => 'on' } ); but neither of the above seem to work, and I don't see any error message. Q1. Can I use WWW::Mailman to set all individual subscriber settings without logging on as each subscriber? How? Or am I going to have to use WWW::Mechanize or LWP::UserAgent, etc? Another problem is, if I run this: $mm->admin( 'general' ); print $mm->robot->current_form->dump . "\n"; I get output which includes this 4 checkbox element: new_member_options=<UNDEF> (checkbox) [*<UNDEF>/off|hide/Conceal the member's address] new_member_options=<UNDEF> (checkbox) [*<UNDEF>/off|ack/Acknowledge the member's posting] new_member_options=<UNDEF> (checkbox) [*<UNDEF>/off|notmetoo/Do not send a copy of a member's own post] new_member_options=nodupes (checkbox) [<UNDEF>/off|*nodupes/Filter out duplicate messages to list members (if possible)] To check a single box I think I do this: $mm->admin( 'general', { 'new_member_options' => 'nodupes' } ); but: Q2. How can I check several boxes (do I need to run the "$mm->..." command 4 times, once for each checkbox? Q3. How can I *uncheck* a box (e.g. if I wan't to turn "nodups" off? I'm running Perl v5.12.2, with WWW::Mailman 1.05 (I think) on Linux. Thanks.

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