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Id: 77743
Status: resolved
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Queue: IO-Compress

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Fixed in: 2.055

CC: wosch [...]
Subject: Interoperability problems with pbzip2
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pbzip2 <> is a bzip2 variant which can compress and decompress faster by making use of multiple CPUs in a system. Unfortunately pbzip2 can create files which cannot be uncompressed by IO-Compress. The attached file demonstrates the problem. In my experiments I found out that the problem happens if the compressed content is larger than the block size used for compression, which is by default 900000, or n*100000 when using the pbzip2 option -b. Maybe the report really belongs to the Compress-Raw-Bzip2 queue, but my test script is just using IO::Uncompress::Bunzip2. Feel free to move the bug ticket. Regards, Slaven
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#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use IO::Uncompress::Bunzip2 qw(bunzip2 $Bunzip2Error) ; use Digest::MD5 qw(md5_hex); use File::Temp qw(tempfile); use IPC::Run qw(run); use Test::More qw(no_plan); #my $pbzip2_exe = "/usr/local/src/work/pbzip2-1.1.6/pbzip2"; my $pbzip2_exe = "pbzip2"; #my $blocksize = 1; my $blocksize = 9; # Good: #my $len = $blocksize*100000; # Bad: my $len = $blocksize*100000+1; my $input = do { my $input_uncompressed = " " x $len; my($tmpfh,$tmpfile) = tempfile(UNLINK => 1) or die $!; run [$pbzip2_exe, "-b$blocksize"], "<", \$input_uncompressed, ">", $tmpfh or die $!; $tmpfile; }; my $output_perl = do { my $output; bunzip2 $input => \$output or die "bunzip2 failed: $Bunzip2Error\n"; $output; }; my $output_system = do { my $output; run ["bzcat", $input], ">", \$output or die $!; $output; }; is md5_hex($output_perl), md5_hex($output_system); __END__
Thanks Slaven problem reproduced. Will investigate. Paul
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Hi Slaven, I see what the issue is. The file pbzip2 creates with your test script is actually two bzip2 files concatenated. By default my module will only uncompress the first compressed data stream. To get it to deal with them all, add the MultiStream option like this bunzip2 $input => \$output, MultiStream => 1 or die "bunzip2 failed: $Bunzip2Error\n"; Paul

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