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Id: 7708
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Subject: Exporting subs to different package doesn't work
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..., in 01generic.t, perhaps: { package Foo; use MyExport qw/askme $foo/; Test::More::is($foo, $main::foo, "\$foo was exported to Foo"); # works Test::More::is(eval { askme() }, main::askme(), "askme() was exported to Foo"); # doesn't work } If you turn on $Exporter::Verbose you'll see that Exporter is pushing stuff into main because the caller from the perspective of Exporter::Simple::INIT seems to be that. I think this is unresolvable unless Attribute::Simple starts giving BEGIN attrs the name of the sub they acted on.
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I just hit this. It pretty much renders the module unusable. :( Here's a simple example. $ cat package Foo; use base qw(Exporter::Simple); sub foo :Exported { 42 } sub bar :Exportable { 23 } 1; $ cat test.plx use Foo; print foo(); { package Wibble; use Foo qw(bar); print bar(); } $ perl test.plx Can't locate class method 'main::foo' via package 'main' at /Users/schwern/tmp/test.plx line 2
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Explaining problem to future visitors. If sub, that is loaded from a module, is executed when another module is loaded, it should be exported at BEGIN stage. And with Exporter::Simple it is impossible because it loads list of them on CHECK stage and imports them into target package on INIT stage. This behavior is caused by Attribute::Handlers, because it does not provide sub name/symbol at BEGIN stage. It provides coderef. I tried to receive name from ref using Sub::Identify, but received error "Can't locate object method "NAME" via package "B::SPECIAL" at C:/strawberry/perl/site/lib/Sub/ line 21." I think that problem also makes sub prototypes unavailable in target package. -- Alexandr Ciornii,

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