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This queue is for tickets about the Net-FTPSSL CPAN distribution.

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Id: 77025
Status: open
Priority: 0/
Queue: Net-FTPSSL

Owner: Nobody in particular
Requestors: stefanos [...]

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Severity: Wishlist
Broken in: 0.21
Fixed in: (no value)

Subject: support for socks 5 proxy?
support for socks 5 proxy?
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Hi Stefanos, Looks like you were busy, this is the 2nd ticket by you today. Can you send me a link that describes socks 5 proxy and I'll look into it. But a simple search of CPAN says that IO::Socket::Socks does this. I'll have to see if there is a way to force IO::Socket::SSL to use it, otherwise I might not be able to do it without a major rewrite of the module. I rely on quite a bit of functionality of IO::Socket:SSL that would be difficult to replace. Curtis On Sun May 06 13:51:29 2012, STEFANOS wrote: Show quoted text
> support for socks 5 proxy?
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Socks5 rfc: Socks5 proxy server example in perl: or nylon socks5 proxy server for tests: or ccproxy under windows Simple search of CPAN says: But not work with Net::FTPSSL see my testscript and the debuglog from your modul. Example proxy => 'socks5://', pret => 1, timeout => 10 ... is better as option in Net::FTPSSL ?
Subject: myLog.txt
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Net-FTPSSL Version: 0.21 Perl: 5.010001 [5.10.1], OS: MSWin32 Server (port): localhost (61616) Keys: (Debug), (Port), (Pret), (Timeout), (DebugLogFile) Values: (1), (61616), (1), (10), (myLog.txt) SKT <<< 220 OFFLiNE SKT >>> AUTH TLS SKT <<< 234 AUTH TLS successful
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#!/usr/bin/perl use IO::Socket::Socks::Wrapper ( { ProxyAddr => 'localhost', ProxyPort => 1080, SocksDebug => 1, SocksVersion => 5, Timeout => 300 } ); use Net::FTPSSL; use LWP::Simple; my $html = get(''); my($ip) = ($html =~ /<h1 class="ip">([^<]*)<\/h1>/); print $ip . "\n";#work good #IO::Socket::Socks::Wrapper->import(Net::FTPSSL:: => 0); # direct network access #IO::Socket::Socks::Wrapper->import(Net::FTPSSL:: => {ProxyAddr => 'XXX', ProxyPort => 1080}); #not correct work (but work without socks5 proxy and work with other client tools mit socks5 proxy) my $host = 'localhost'; my $port = '61616'; my $user = 'user1'; my $pass = 'pass1'; my $pfad = '/'; if(my $ftp = Net::FTPSSL->new($host, Timeout => 10, Pret => 1, Port => $port, Debug => 1, DebugLogFile => "myLog.txt")){ $ftp->login($user,$pass); $ftp->binary(); $ftp->cwd($pfad); my @ftpdataLIST = $ftp->list($pfad); print join("\n",@ftpdataLIST); # Code $ftp->quit; } exit;

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