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The Basics
Id: 76577
Status: resolved
Priority: 0/
Queue: PDL

Owner: Nobody in particular
Requestors: 'spro^^*%*^6ut# [...] &$%*c
Cc: moocow.bovine [...]

Bug Information
Severity: Critical
Broken in: 2.4.10_003
Fixed in: 2.4.10_005

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text/plain 3.3k
I know this is not the canonical bug tracker, but I don’t want to create a sourceforge account. In perl 5.16-to-be, explicit return in an lvalue sub has been fixed, such that it no longer copies the value to be returned. For some reason, this function in Basic/Core/ (PDL-2.4.10; but this applies to _003 as well) is affected by this: sub PDL::flat { # fall through if < 2D return $_[0]->getndims != 1 ? $_[0]->clump(-1) : $_[0]; } When getndims returns 1, the value returned by PDL::flat is the $_[0] scalar itself, not a copy of that scalar. For some reason, that causes this code in PDL::EditDistance’s t/01_distance.t test script to behave differently: sub makepdls { ($s1,$s2) = ('GUMBO','GAMBOL'); our $a = pdl(byte,[map { ord($_) } split(//,$s1)]); our $b = pdl(byte,[map { ord($_) } split(//,$s2)]); our $a1 = $a->flat->reshape($a->nelem+1)->rotate(1); our $b1 = $b->flat->reshape($b->nelem+1)->rotate(1); } Not being a PDL user, I can’t really explain why; but I get error output like this later on as a result: Error in _edit_distance_full:Wrong dims at Basic/Core/ (i.e. line 396. PDL::Core::barf('Error in _edit_distance_full:Wrong dims\x{a}') called at t/01_distance.t line 36 main::test_distance_full() called at t/01_distance.t line 51 (To reproduce this, install perl 5.15.9 and type ‘test MOOCOW/PDL-EditDistance- 0.05001.tar.gz’ at the CPAN prompt.) Through code inspection, I’ve managed to come up with the attached patch, which makes PDL::flat behave the same way in 5.16 as it does in 5.14 and earlier. It uses a temporary scalar that forces the value to be copied. (I don’t know whether other functions need similar treatment.) I’m not able to produce a small test case, as I would have to learn PDL first. :-) Also, note that applying the lvalue attribute to an already-defined Perl sub has never actually worked properly. Hence, in 5.16-to-be, there is this warning in’s docs: Show quoted text
> This module allows one to set this attribute on a subroutine that is > already defined. For Perl subroutines (XSUBs are fine), it may or may not > do what you want, depending on the code inside the subroutine, with details > subject to change in future Perl versions. You may run into problems with > lvalue context not being propagated properly into the subroutine, or maybe > even assertion failures. For this reason, a warning is emitted if warnings > are enabled. In other words, you should only do this if you really know > what you are doing. You have been warned.
(PDL already suppresses the warning that gets emitted.) In this particular case, it ends up producing different results depending on how the code is written. If you remove the explicit ‘return’, that works too, as leavesub and leavesublv are two distinct ops. return is a single op type, that checks the flag on the current CV to determine what type of return to do. That is all an implementation detail, subject to change. The way I wrote the patch (using a temporary variable instead of relying on the way leavesub is implemented) should be future-proof. For reference, this ticket is derived from < id=76461>, but it also touches on issue discussed in <>. I made the severity ‘Critical’, because perl 5.16 is supposed to be released shortly.
Subject: open_Wqa1Llaj.txt
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text/plain 526b
diff -rup PDL-2.4.10-uQtW7V-orig/Basic/Core/ PDL-2.4.10-uQtW7V/Basic/Core/ --- PDL-2.4.10-uQtW7V-orig/Basic/Core/ 2012-04-15 12:06:00.000000000 -0700 +++ PDL-2.4.10-uQtW7V/Basic/Core/ 2012-04-15 12:06:37.000000000 -0700 @@ -2678,7 +2678,7 @@ Falls through if argument already E<lt>= *flat = \&PDL::flat; sub PDL::flat { # fall through if < 2D - return $_[0]->getndims != 1 ? $_[0]->clump(-1) : $_[0]; + return my $dummy = $_[0]->getndims != 1 ? $_[0]->clump(-1) : $_[0]; } =head2 convert
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text/plain 156b
Sorry, I forgot to include a subject, but RT won’t let me put one in now. It should be something like ‘[PATCH] Make PDL::flat work under perl 5.16’.
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text/plain 118b
I created a pointer in the SF tracker: Regards, Slaven
I've marked this stalled until the fix is confirmed by the original requester.  Please check as soon as possible as the PDL-2.4.11 release with the fix is planned for 21-May-2012 to be in time for the perl 5.16.0 release.
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text/plain 305b
On Fri May 18 13:52:32 2012, CHM wrote: Show quoted text
> I've marked this stalled until the fix is confirmed by the original > requester. > Please check as soon as possible as the PDL-2.4.11 release with the > fix is > planned for 21-May-2012 to be in time for the perl 5.16.0 release.
It works for me now. Thank you.

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