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This queue is for tickets about the Net-Telnet CPAN distribution.

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The Basics
Id: 76306
Status: resolved
Priority: 0/
Queue: Net-Telnet

Owner: Nobody in particular
Requestors: dave.wolaver [...]

Bug Information
Severity: Normal
Broken in: 3.03
Fixed in: 3.04

Subject: Unable to turn off dump_log
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2012 13:28:52 -0400
To: "bug-Net-Telnet [...]" <bug-Net-Telnet [...]>
From: Dave Wolaver <dave.wolaver [...]>
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Hello, The Net::Telnet module has been incredibly useful for me and has been rock solid. Thanks for the EXCELLENT work in developing and supporting it. I believe I have encountered a small bug in dump_log. I am continually calling 'cmd' and expecting a response from a device. When the device does not respond as expected (a low percentage of the time), I am using dump_log to investigate the failures. So, prior to calling 'cmd' I call dump_log as below. my ($debug_log_fn, $debug_log_fh); open($debug_log_fh, '>', $debug_log_fn); $self->{'OBJ_TELNET'}->dump_log($debug_log_fh); After the call to 'cmd', I close the dump file and delete it if the command was successful (ie. I don't need to see that dump). $self->{'OBJ_TELNET'}->dump_log(''); close($debug_log_fh); unlink($debug_log_fn) or die "Could not delete file $debug_log_fn! $!\n"; Everything seems to work fine except that I get errors. print() on closed filehandle $debug_log_fh at C:/Perl64/lib/Net/ line 2456, <$parent> line 5 (#1) (W closed) The filehandle you're printing on got itself closed sometime before now. Check your control flow. In the function dump_log, it appears as though passing the empty string '' does not set the hash entry $s->{dumplog} to false which leads to the errors. I can work around the problem by commenting out the 'or return' in dump_log. I believe the same bug may also be in 'input_log' but I have not verified. One other point... the reason I am passing a filehandle is because I was unable to delete the file when calling 'dump_log' with a filename. This is most likely because the filehandle is not closed when calling dump_log with the empty string. It would be nice to handle this case as well. Of course, there is always the possibility that my analysis may not be correct, or I have made a mistake on my side. Thanks for your attention and support. Best regards, Dave Perl Dist: Active Perl 5.12.2 Build 1203 (64 bit) Perl Version: 5.12.2 OS: Windows 7 - 64 bit
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Fixed in the development version for 3.04. You can find the development version at Thanks for submitting this request.

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