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Subject: results oddities
Hi, I need to extract nested data. They have many attributes besides their values, sometimes, but I'm mostly iterested in the values and the structure. parameter1= { name=> ... , value=>[ ... ], attr1 => ..., attr2 => ..., ... , } I would like to see as a result is %/ = { set1 => { parameter1 => [value1 , ... ], parameter2 => [value2, ... ], subset1 => { parameter3 => [value3, ...], ... }, set2 => { ... }, ... , } } I have several issues with the results, though. 1. As I understand, there is no simple way to change the key in the parent hash of a rule from <rule: rule1> to i.e. $MATCH{name}. 2. Do a subrule call whose name is evaluated at runtime. I.e. when the pattern matches String, call <String>, if it matche Long, call <Long>. In other words is there something evaluate subrule then use that value as name of another subrule call <rule: var> # "number"=int { 2 } "title"=string { "abc" } "float"=double { 2.578 3.0 5.0 6.3 7.1 10.0 } <name=string> = <type=(\w+) \{ <[value=eval (<\type> )]>? \} <token: int> [+-]?\d+ <token: string> \".*\" <token: double> <int>(\.\d+)? 3. In the sample code attached, I tried to experiment a little but am not really satisfied. How can I change the 'pro' key to the value of 'tab' (s. 1.)? The only solution appears to wrap it into another rule and assign the value matches to the name matches, right? I'd like to see a simpler solution like a <key: > directive.
#!/usr/bin/perl # use v5.10; use warnings; use strict; package Simple_Test; use Data::Dumper; sub new { my ($class)=@_; return bless $class; } sub row { my ($self,$res)=@_; my %h; say Dumper $res; $h{$res->{count}}=(($res->{arg})); return \%h; } sub tab { my ($self,$res)=@_; say Dumper $res; my %r; my @t; #say Dumper $res; if ($res->{tab}) { for my $row (@{%{$res}->{row}}) { say "Row ",Dumper $row; push @t,%{$row}; } %r=@t; say "Array @t - hash ",Dumper (%r); return bless \%r; } else { $r{$res->{not}}=$res->{sc}; say Dumper $res; return bless \%r; } } 1; my $gr=do { use Regexp::Grammars; qr{ # <debug: on> <nocontext:> <all> #<pro> <rule: all> <MATCH=pro> <token: int> [+-]?\d++ <token: literal> [.'!%\\\w_\^@\+\-\(\)\(\)\#{}\\\[\]]++ <minimize:> <objrule: pro> (<?literal> <tab=(\w+Table)> <[row]>+ % <ws> |<not=literal> <sc=int>?) #<rule: tab> #(?=<literal>) \w+Table <objrule: row> <count=int> (<arg=literal>)? # (?{$ARG{tab}->{tab}=>{};$ARG{tab}->{tab}->{$MATCH{int}}=>$MATCH{literal};}) #(?{$MATCH{eval ($MATCH{int})}=>($MATCH{literal}); }) }xms; }; while (my $line = <>) { if ($line =~ $gr->with_actions('Simple_Test')) { use Data::Dumper 'Dumper'; say "Result: ",Dumper \%/; } }
Subject: results processing
I think I should alter the priority to enhancement request, but I fear that's not possible.
Subject: Re: [ #75738] results processing
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2012 07:32:24 +1100
From: Damian Conway <>
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> I think I should alter the priority to enhancement request, but I fear > that's not possible.
Not a problem. I am interested in the issues you raise, but I am snowed under with work just at the moment. I will respond properly as soon as I have the opportunity, but I'm afraid that may not be until mid-April. :-( Damian

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