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Id: 72779
Status: resolved
Priority: 0/
Queue: Test-TCP

Owner: Nobody in particular
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Severity: Normal
Broken in: 1.13
Fixed in: (no value)


Subject: t/05_sigint.t fails on AIX 6 for 5.10, 5.12 and 5.14
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text/plain 1.2k
I have just built Test-TCP-1.13 on the following platform and perl combinations: Platforms: 32 and 64 bit RHEL 5, Solaris 10, and AIX 6 Perls: 5.10.1, 5.12.4, 5.14.2 The test suite passes for RHEL5 and Solaris 10, but fails on AIX 6. The results are independent of the core perl version. The test failure output is: [efsops@shou18l560-02 Test-TCP-1.13]$ perl -Mblib t/05_sigint.t 1..2 ok 1 not ok 2 - sigint # Failed test 'sigint' # at t/05_sigint.t line 20. # got: 'ZERO' # expected: 'INT' # Looks like you failed 1 test of 2. The reason for the failure is somewhat subtle. On AIX, the value assigned to $? by wiatpid can not be passed to the POSIX functions. However, if the ${^CHILD_ERROR_NATIVE} value is used, then this works fine, and on ALL of the above platforms. While the root cause of this problem is likely a bug in perl related to how $? is handled internally, the patch I've provided seems correct when you consider that the documentation for CHILD_ERROR_NATIVE specifically documents THIS variable (and not $?/$CHILD_ERROR) as the one to pass to the POSIX functions. I suspect that passing $? works for backwards compatibility, but clearly, it doesn't work on ALL platforms, and the core perl tests seem to reflect this as well.
Subject: Test-TCP-1.13-child_error_native.patch
diff -rc ../Test-TCP-1.13-orig/t/05_sigint.t ./t/05_sigint.t *** ../Test-TCP-1.13-orig/t/05_sigint.t Wed Mar 2 19:40:07 2011 --- ./t/05_sigint.t Mon Nov 28 09:16:04 2011 *************** *** 16,23 **** sleep 1; kill 'INT', $pid; waitpid($pid, 0); ! ok POSIX::WIFSIGNALED($?); ! is [split / /, $Config{sig_name}]->[POSIX::WTERMSIG($?)], 'INT', "sigint"; # ok $killed_server, "really killed"; } elsif ($pid == 0) { # $SIG{CHLD} = sub { --- 16,23 ---- sleep 1; kill 'INT', $pid; waitpid($pid, 0); ! ok POSIX::WIFSIGNALED(${^CHILD_ERROR_NATIVE}); ! is [split / /, $Config{sig_name}]->[POSIX::WTERMSIG(${^CHILD_ERROR_NATIVE})], 'INT', "sigint"; # ok $killed_server, "really killed"; } elsif ($pid == 0) { # $SIG{CHLD} = sub {
This issue was fixed at 1.14, maybe.
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text/plain 262b
I'm getting this issue now on CentOS 7 for 5.20, but only when the tests are run by our Jenkins process. When I run them manually on the same box, same build, same user, it works. Could it be that something is different when the test is run unattended (no TTY?)?
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text/plain 101b
I’m having this problem in Perl 5.8.8 on OS X 10.12.6. But not on 5.16.1 or 5.24.3 on the same box.

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