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Id: 71799
Status: resolved
Priority: 0/
Queue: CGI

Owner: Nobody in particular
Requestors: jeff [...]

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Subject: find_tempdir() still has problems under ms-windows
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text/plain 1.4k
Older versions had the following code in the find_tempdir sub: if( $CGI::OS eq 'WINDOWS' ){ unshift @TEMP, $ENV{TEMP}, $ENV{TMP}, $ENV{WINDIR} . $SL . 'TEMP'; } This was problematic because it could put 'undef' values onto the @TEMP array. This is fixed in 3.55 (and before) via the following: # PeterH: These vars may not exist if this is invoked... unshift(@TEMP,$ENV{TEMP}) if defined $ENV{TEMP}; unshift(@TEMP,$ENV{TMP}) if defined $ENV{TMP}; unshift(@TEMP,$ENV{WINDIR} . $SL . 'TEMP') if defined $ENV{WINDIR}; HOWEVER, this new code puts entries onto @TEMP in the opposite order of the original code. The result is that C:\WINDOWS\TEMP will be preferred over the settings from the environment variables, which is *not* what most people will want. The order of the above three lines should be reversed: unshift(@TEMP,$ENV{WINDIR} . $SL . 'TEMP') if defined $ENV{WINDIR}; unshift(@TEMP,$ENV{TMP}) if defined $ENV{TMP}; unshift(@TEMP,$ENV{TEMP}) if defined $ENV{TEMP}; ----- An alternative fix would be to restore the old code and remove the other 'if defined' check that appears, and then change the line inside the loop: for (@TEMP) { do {$TMPDIRECTORY = $_; last} if -d $_ && -w _; } to do {$TMPDIRECTORY = $_; last} if defined($_) && -d $_ && -w _; Thanks! -Jeff PS: Yes, I am kind of ashamed of myself for using Perl with ms-win, but I have no choice, I tellya, they've got my kids and won't release them unless I cooperate !-)
Subject: Re: [ #71799] find_tempdir() still has problems under ms-windows
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2011 09:42:12 -0400
To: [...]
From: Mark Stosberg <mark [...]>
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text/plain 253b
Thanks for the report, Jeff. Either option proposed seems fine. If you want to make this really easy for me, you could fork on github and submit a pull request. But, the change is simple enough. Someone will take a look and merge it. Thanks again.
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This issue has been copied to: please take all future correspondence there. This ticket will remain open but please do not reply here. This ticket will be closed when the github issue is dealt with.
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commit cb434b3b27897e2a486c930f144bba60216caa22 Author: Lee Johnson <> Date: Fri Jul 11 15:56:35 2014 +0200 resolve #91 [ #71799] - WIN TEMP dir order returned to that before e24d04e9bc5fda7722444b02fec135d8cc2ff488, which fixed issues with undefined values being unshifted onto the array. However the change from a single unshift statement to three calls mean the order was changed. restore the original order by reversing the order of the unshift calls Changes | 4 ++++ lib/ | 4 ++--

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