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Subject: Can't install, can't clean?
I somehow got my CPAN working directories in a snit. See this sequence, below. Even a 'force clean' won't clean things up, I'll have to go manually delete the build directory. ======================== % perl -MCPAN -e shell CPAN: Term::ANSIColor loaded ok (v2.02) cpan shell -- CPAN exploration and modules installation (v1.9800) Enter 'h' for help. cpan[1]> install Module::Signature CPAN: CPAN::SQLite loaded ok (v0.202) CPAN: YAML loaded ok (v0.73) Reading 152 yaml files from /Users/ken/.cpan/build/ CPAN: Time::HiRes loaded ok (v1.9719) .........................................................................DONE Restored the state of none (in 2.5107 secs) Database was generated on Tue, 06 Sep 2011 00:55:34 GMT Running install for module 'Module::Signature' Running make for F/FL/FLORA/Module-Signature-0.68.tar.gz Has already been unwrapped into directory /Users/ken/.cpan/build/Module-Signature- 0.68-FUd9B8 No 'Makefile' created , won't make Running make test Make had some problems, won't test Running make install Make had some problems, won't install CPAN: CPAN::Meta loaded ok (v2.112150) Could not read metadata file. Falling back to other methods to determine prerequisites cpan[2]> clean Module::Signature Running clean for module 'Module::Signature' Running make clean No Makefile, don't know how to 'make clean' cpan[3]> ======================== FWIW, I caused this just by answering [3] in M::Signature's install process below. ======================== Could not auto-detect a signature utility on your system. What do you want me to do? 1) Let you install GnuPG manually while I'm waiting for your answer; it is available at or may be available from your platforms packaging system (for Open Source platforms). 2) Automatically install Crypt::OpenPGP and the 20 modules it requires from CPAN, which will give the same functionality as GnuPG. 3) Forget this cryptographic signature stuff for now. Your choice: [3] ======================== Thanks.

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